Digi: Mother & Daughter~

This is a layout digital scrapbook lesson from Jessica Sprague called *Extraction Secrets* that literally took me all day long to complete!  My niece, Jordan, sent me photos of herself and my sister, Nicky, that were taken recently and the scheme fit perfectly together to use for this course!  I have been wanting to do a layout for Nicky that would be perfect ... and this is definitely it!  Even the font style has a *baseball style* edge and Nicky plays softball for a women's league in Michigan!  The vibrant colors for their vibrant personalities!

"A Daughter May Outgrow Your Lap
But She Will Never Outgrow Your Heart ..."

I searched for a sentimental quote that fits in with Jordan growing up & love this one!  And the Playlist song is beautiful - so just sit, listen & enjoy ...  I wish they were here so we could curl up by the fireplace with a bottle of red wine, tell stories & laugh!

And here's my latest quote, as a mom with two daughters in college and a son in high school.  Yes, this is an original of mine ... because it is EXACTLY how I feel!!!

"Sometimes I Feel Like a Wild Lioness,
Who Has To Drag Her Cubs By the Scruffs of Their Necks,
Back to the Den for Safety ..."

Jessica, my daughter, had a fender bender Christmas Eve while on her way to church.  She plays cello in their band and felt obligated to travel even though the weather was inclimate.  Basically, the roads were a sheet of ice and a blizzard was ensuing...  The 19 year old girl who lost control of her car while forcing Jessica to slam on her brakes {on ice no less} refused Jessica to allow her to contact the Police, nor provided insurance information.  Basically, the insurance rep said it's likely that this girl did not have insurance, so would have been ticketed, had her car towed, and would have been responsible for the accident.

I am so glad that neither of them were injured ...  Too bad Jess had to learn a lesson the hard way.  Thus, my quote above ...  And that's just a drop in the bucket, but I'll leave it at that for now!

Life this year has been one thing after another ...  I am so ready for 2010!!!

Be Safe & Stay Warm ...





  1. Hello from J.S.!

    Your LO turned out beautifully. That's another class I took at JS. MY LO is all completed ... except for adding the pictures. I'll finish it in 2010!

    I'm happy you daughter is safe and didn't get hurt in the accident!

  2. @Barbara Thank you for stopping by and saying hello! Let me know when you finish your LO!

    {hugs fellow-Spraguer}


  3. Hi Juls~
    What an awesome LO! I just signed up for this class @ JS. Can't wait to get started! Love the extra touches you put with this.

    And I'm so glad your daughter is safe! Give her an extra hug today. :)


  4. I am popping in to wish you and your family a wonderful and blessed New Year!!!


  5. You did a great job and glad you survived! I think I'll wait to tackle this one.Perfect song playing on your blog too.


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