InSights: The Joy Diet~

Happy Monday, Everyone!~

I have been blog surfing a lot this weekend and wanted to share this link with you.  I have taken on quite a few heart-consuming projects lately, so -- like I need another one!!  But when I came across this blog today, it spoke to me.  There is a spiritual side of my life that has been pulling at me a lot lately.  A thirst for goodness, guidance and inspiration.  This month I've found spiritual guidance from my nephew, Nick's visit, at a wedding yesterday & when I came across Jamie Ridler's blog.

Here's Jamie's profile description: "Jamie Ridler is a certified professional co-active coach. Through one-on-one coaching, workshops and online resources, Jamie helps creatives and solopreneurs align their professional and personal lives with their spirit. Her background in the arts infuses her coaching and encourages her clients to ignite their own creative fire. You can find her at Jamie Ridler Studios."

Many of you are deep thinkers that are also looking for inspiration and personal growth through the reflection of your artistry or words.  So, I believe that Jamie will speak to your hearts.  And if you have time, she will take you through the journey of *The Joy Diet*.  What is nice is that your participation can be whatever suits your needs & time.  You can join at any time as well.  And with all of us juggling so much, time can be hard to find!  But look ... how much time do we spend web surfing?  Maybe we should all sit still for a while & listen to our hearts & souls ...
Check her out & let me know what your thoughts are about her program and blog!  Join this group to join in the fun!



  1. We can never, ever find too much joy, so thanks for sharing another place to find it!

    Peace and Luv,


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