Digi: Adventure - Arrival in Paris~

Enjoying the Jessica Sprague, Type+Writer 2 class.  Do I sound like a walking advertisement?  No, couldn't possibly because I haven't exercised in foreverrrr ...  more like a sitting advertisement!

We do daily journaling & layouts are alternated every other day to correspond with the journaling exercise.  I enjoy writing with pen & paper - always have and find it interesting as to how many *hand written fonts* I've got between printing & script and the different uses.  I wear quite a few hats in my life & my writing definitely reflects that!

This layout was challenging in that I've used Paris, 1999 photos and had to dig them up, scan & edit them.  The journal entry is a pared down version of what was written.  I tried to capture how impressed I was with the architecture of this beautiful city.  If you click on the layout, you can probably read it.

I enjoyed the use of *Pull Quotes* ...  See the small block of text in gold.  Magazines have used these forever & have very creative ways of laying them out.  I thought my quote may have sounded kind harsh, but I was greatly impressed with Paris.  The city is huge.  The engineering of streets incredible.  Primarily, the beauty of art & craftsmanship, ultimate-details that knocked me out!  And as an American, who has a firm belief that we are *the best* country in the world, it was humbling to visit a city that has much more history & couture packed in one place than I've ever seen in my life!  And the news broadcasts were also eye-opening with detailed coverage of world affairs, issues, crisis, politics ... moreso than our sugar-coated, Good Morning America!  Admittedly, I enjoy GMA - hey, I'm American.  However, I need to take a closer look at legislation and the politicians we are putting into office.  Times have changed.  I hope we are on our way back up.  I pray that we are on our way back up!

What struck me about Paris vs. the US is the enormous contrast between artful architecture & utilitarian-style, boxy buildings & skyscrappers.  I can only imagine the mega-billions of dollars it took to develop a city like Paris.  Even their smallest apartment buildings are artfully built & quaint with balconies & tall French paned-glass doors.  Everything just *feels welcoming* there {except the waitors}.  The streets of Paris wind & are packed with adorable cafes that you cannot pass by.  They make you want to sit & relax.  And if you are in a rush, the people sitting in the cafes peer at you as if you should not be.

I realize that fashion we blast all over American media is trendy & sexy for the most part.  But!  What I found really interesting is that the women in Paris are comfortable with themselves.  A woman my age would not think about touting her mid-rift and wear very tight jeans or slacks, low cut blouses and sassy hair cuts.  Perhaps I need to travel to NYC but here in the Dallas area, we are still self-conscious about our appearance.  I suppose the message to women here is that if you don't look like this woman on tv, then don't dress like her.  In Paris, it's, if it's fashionable, you must wear it & be proud!  All I can say, is that there was a definite casually chic "Oh, I look like this all the time .... this is nothing!  And I am beautiful!" extra-padding and all ...  The men, they dress neatly.  Not too many of the men resembled *casual* to me.  There's an air of elegance surrounding Parisians.  Their shoes - all out designer, hip, cool.  Leather.  Tennis shoes, anyone?  Not that I recall!

I do believe a trip to NYC is in order for me but I'm thinking I'll need a stylist to prepare a few outfits for me.  And we can't forget the jewelry & hair!

While in Paris, an Italian, Toni & Guy hairdresser cut my hair.  Perhaps *THE BEST CUT OF MY LIFE*.  He said that he cuts hair the way a man likes to see a woman's hair ... and that some stylists miss the ques.  Hair should be sexy!  I wanted to fly back just to get my hair cut!  It was awesome!  I'll have to dig out some photos.

Hope you are having a great week.  I should find corresponding pictures for a few of the paragraphs just to get across a few points I'm trying to make here ... maybe I'll do a little research but time is so limited lately.  We'll see ..... :)





  1. hey Julie!
    I absolutely LOVE your digi pages!! The engagement album is GORGEOUS!!! That is one lucky couple!!! :)
    It sounds to me like your camera is fine, you just might want to take a class. There is SO much that you can do with your camera just by knowing how to make the right adjustments. I do LOVE my nikon, but canons are VERY popular too and a lot of photographers use them and love them. The trick is just knowing how to make them do what you want! ;) I'll be honest, those zoom lenses are tricky for close-up shots. Your best bet would be to invest ina 50mm f1.8 lens (about $100) if you combine some basic photography knowledge with that lens you can't go wrong!! :)
    have a great night!

  2. Juls this is just such a wonderful layout! Oh my Paris someday I will travel there. You make it sound so dreamy.

    I do believe it is fabulous to be able to travel the world through your friends eyes.

    I will also be looking forward to the pictures you are adding to help us visualize some more of what you saw.

  3. Oh my! What a gorgeous layout! I may just have to scrap lift this! Now I only wish I could take a trip to Paris! :)


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