Digital Photography: True Love is Climbing Up a Tree For Someone~

Hi Everyone!

"More! More! More! How do you like it?! How do you like it?!"


Remember that song?

That's what I've got *MORE ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS*! I really like how these turned out. The natural shading of the tree helped with lighting, although I had to watch shadows and edited some out with levels adjustments.  I'm still having trouble with clarity of some photos.  Not sure if this is me or my camera lense.  I've been considering selling it and buying a Nikon.

She looks like a Princess with her Prince Charming .... *Romeo Romeo???*

Actually, my daughter's friend is the type of person who is smiling constantly. She has a wonderful sense of humor & is a very loyal friend. She's a bit of a comedian making jokes & keeping everyone entertained.  Never a dull moment ...  I'll read her Facebook posts to Jacq and just laugh! I am so happy for her & her fiance. They've dated quite a while and I had a feeling *He was the one.*

This is a huge tree in our front yard. It's one of the most beautiful in the neighborhood! Our *Bride-To-Be* had this idea of climbing into the tree for their photo shoot. And he agreed!

That's true love! 

That would be like someone jumping a 6 foot fence for me!

Jacqueline and I climbed a ladder just for *THE SAKE OF LOVE*! {Please do not attempt this -- it's kinda dangerous ...} ;)

Didn't these turn out fantastic!? I tried to capture some *gorgeous* shots that that they'd always be able to look back on to reminisce!

Click on them for FULL EFFECT!

Keep Creating!

Hope your weeks is going great!





  1. Hi Juls, Your daughter looks wonderful! And your blog is so nice... and updated! :) Geesh. i wish I could say the same thing about mine. I really must have the discipline... but there are just not enough hours in the day! You inspire me. Go, go, go!!! :)


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