Digi: One Week~

Jessica Sprague & Liv are keeping us Spraguemates busy!  I've picked-up some great ideas not only about digital layouts, like this timeline piece, but also topography & journaling.  The journaling exercises teach you how to hone in on key ideas & simply communicate them.

I have to brush up on the daily photography and have decided that I really need to have a memory disc for this project only.  It'll make it easier for me to pick-up my camera and go, instead of worrying about mixing daily photos in with the kid's sporting events.

I am really looking forward to the Oh Shoot class but I'm not sure I'll be able to wait.  Just may need to find a class, after I'm finished with Type + Writer 2.  I have to get ready for the two slide show presentations I'll be working on and desparately need some photography tips.

My camera may need a tune-up of it's own.  A lot of the photos from Jacq's first game came in blurred, especially while in the sports mode.  It was also very overcast which was affecting the speed of the shutter & most likely the autofocus!  So, I made sure the battery was fully-charged for yesterday's game and was more careful about holding the camera steady - although I use tripod for soccer.  I did capture some pretty cool photos, much better than Saturday's game.

Life has been quietly busy - housework, dogs, kids, sports, bills & digital scrapbooking!

Hope you are having a way awesome week!





  1. This is a very cool layout. I like the idea of a timeline and can see many possibilities using one. Love the one you did! Great stuff as always! Hope you and the family are well. Best, Curt


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