Digi: The More Things Change~

This layout ... it exhausted me today!  It was coming together pretty quickly to begin with but see that big ol' parenthese thingy???  Yeah, I had to watch Jessica's tutorial about a half-dozen times to *get it* ...  PLUS!  I couldn't find my *Paint Bucket*!!!  It got hidden behind a menu item and well, you know, the drop down menu?  It wasn't droppin' down!
All-in-all, I had a great time with this.  I liked adding my old soccer team at the bottom as an overlay/color burn.  That is our team yearbook photo from '79.  We weren't *officially* a Bishop Kelley soccer team, but we were the 1st, the pioneers!  Now, BK has a highly-competitive girls and boys soccer program and field!  As usual, I am the soccer team cut-up.  You can't always rely on me to carry-on a conversation about "How little Johnny's bus stop routine ..." went for the day.  But typically, I will be the one to throw in a racey joke!  Here, I'm acting like a model and my friends are laughing at me ....  I don't get it ... I look like a model, right?  Braces and all!  Actually, I truly did admire Farrah Fawcett.  My brother had her poster and I always wanted to have a smile & breasts like hers :)  As this layout notes, I still do!

I was really a little saddened that she passed away the same day as Michael Jackson.  Were you?  I loved Michael's music - had one of his albums.  I felt like his story overshadowed hers.  She really put up an admirable battle against cancer with her bravery & zest for life - never giving up.  Hopefully, her travels to Europe encouraged the US medical community to look at options going on all over the world.  And I loved how her friend captured her spirituality on film.  I think sometimes people think that sexy people aren't spiritual or lack faith - I liked that she proved this isn't true.  Her faith was incredibly important to her.  And even though she was ditzy as all get out, she had a great heart!  {and hair ... it was still very hip}

Farrah impacted us girls, didn't she?  I had *the hair* in my 20s.  I've noticed that some women are beginning to wear their hair more Farrah-ishly lately :)  Even Bonnie Hunt had it going on for a few weeks on her television show.  {Bonnie is awesome ... so hilarious ...}

Anyway, I wouldn't be able to post this layout without thinking of Farrah, the girl next door we all modeled ourselves to look like.  My Sophomore - Senior year, I had the Dorothy Hammel cut going on.  I prefer Farrah's ... it's sexier ... ;)  For now, my hair is like Jennifer Anniston's ... and I look just like her...





  1. You are so beautiful! My gosh you haven't aged a day!!!!!

  2. Amazing layout and great pictures! Love how you compared the "then" to the "now". Very creative. Great tribute to Farah too. Hope you are well! Best, Curt


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