Digi: Friends for Life~

This was such a fun layout to do over at Jessica Sprague's.  I have been wanting to do a friendship layout and this one is perfect!!! 

Hollie is such a special friend and is like a sister to me.  We have been through a lot together, the ups and downs of life, our children growing up and have had lots of laughs together.  The thing about Hols is that she loves laughing at herself!  She really gets a kick out of herself and will get so tickled about it!  And it's funny-stuff but she makes it even funnier because she thinks it's funny too!  I wish I had this on video!

The other thing I like is she loves telling a story and listening to a story.  Thank God!  Because I have plenty of stories that I've shared with her over the course of our 15 year friendship!  And there's always that *wise old soul* that raises up out of her heart & soul, to offer comfort & support.

Once we were at my house hot tubbing with our husbands many summers ago, when they lived in our neighborhood.  Hollie and I were singing at the top of our lungs.  She was not in the hot tub like us, she was walking towards us and fell in!  I was like,

"Hollie!  Don't get your coiff wet!" 


We've laughed and laughed about that for years!

Then, there is the time that I thought Mason, as a two-year-old was LOST!  It was very late in the evening and the kids had been tucked away for the night.  I decided to check on them and Mason was not in his bed!  I looked everywhere!  He was nowhere to be found.  Horrified, I checked the swimming pool, he fortunately was not there.  I called 911 and Hollie panick-strickened.  She came over with her husband, Jim, and their son, Jimmy.  While I was on the phone with 911, they couldn't find him either.  Then, Hollie, stepped into Jacqueline's bedroom and screamed in a very high-pitched voice, "MASOOOONN????!"

And his little head popped up from underneath a pile of stuffed animals beside Jacqueline's bed ....

That wasn't so funny to me .... ;)

One Christmas, we had dipped into the wine and started singing and acting like we were on Saturday Night Live.  We are both very theatrical ... I truly think that's why we share a bond.  She's had aspirations of becoming a singer.  When she was in high school, her parents helped her launch a singing career and one of her songs charted the Country Charts!  I'll have to ask her which one and repost .... And I've written and recorded my own CD.  But I'm a studio musician .... Hollie is a stage musician.  Which also describes perfectly the differences in our personalities.  I'm friendly yet reserved.  She's friendly and outgoing!  I prefer intimate, small crowds.  She thrives in big crowds!

I am like Lucy ... always in trouble.

She's like Ethel ... always there for Lucy.

{Okay, Hollie, we are BOTH like Lucy!}  hehehehe

I can't tell you how many Christmas decorating events we've had together for her Longaberger Open Houses.  Every year, we made it better and better.  Now,  she can outdo me on Christmas themes.  Her house is always charmingly decorated for the season or holiday.  She would have made the perfect school teacher!  Now, she is a Dallas, Texas real estate agent.  Talk about a natural saleswoman!

Here we are at El Chico's yesterday ...  Don't we look like we could be mischievious?

Hollie said, ...

"We've been friends for so long, that El Chico doesn't even serve the same dishes anymore!" 


Here's are a few more photos of Hollie in a photo shoot I did for her business card.

She's so pretty!

I love her like a sister and am blessed that she is a part of my life.

Hope you all are having a great week!





  1. So glad you had fun with such a special friend, and what a great remembrence you created.

    You are both so gorgeous!

    Peace and Luv,

  2. What a fun layout Juls! You are both lovely (and so are your kiddos in the post above this one- that is a great layout as well:)


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