InSights: Running In Place~

Remember when you'd go to gym class & the PE teacher would make you run in place? And you weren't getting anywhere, feeling uncomfortable & thought, "Why are we doing this??? I have better things to do!" I have been so busy with life lately. Going through the motions and not finishing the creative projects I envisioned. Typically, I'm 1-2-3 Finished!

However, I will say that I'm getting there, slowly but surely . . .

My parents came into town this weekend for Dallas market. The trends I saw were handmade, chunky jewelry - sterling silver with vintage photos of Hollywood bombshells & divas, crowns, floral, fleur-de-lis (of course!) and retro-50s images. This handmade jewelry used to be seen primarily in small boutiques but now it's popularity has made it's way to retailers. Etsy is filled with jewelry artisans that sell their handmade items by the piece. I believe the recession has forced us into acknowledging the beauty & soul of art from the heart! Many users of Etsy take the handmade pledge and only buy handmade gifts! I've actually been considering this. Check out her blog and take a look at her wonderful pieces.

The other line that caught my eye had an all-out Mexican motif of colorful, bold multi-pattern fabric ruffled across a pillow! Then, they had made these very cool chunky, wooden accessories & furniture in the same vivid colors to tie it all altogether! It was HIP, FUN, CHEERFUL!

I had hoped to pull together an Autumn dinner for my parents but didn't quite make it! I am putting together an Autumn tablescape to post on Tres Joli Home this week. The deal is, well, one daughter moved in, one daughter moved out. So boxes are piled up from one camera view for the table. The family room - need I say more - the family has been hanging out in there, so that has to be tidied & perfected! The dining room still has hints of Spring left over. The kitchen is always in some stage of disarray throughout the day. And I had to move the kitchen table for the photo shoot because I was using it as an island (focal point).

  • So, Problem #1 <--- have to finish cleaning and organizing all this (half-way done) ...

  • Problem #2 My computer has been out and I just picked it up. I wanted to do some simple place cards. But not so simple because I have to think about how I am going to design them. So, I've spent literally hours trying to find ideas & come up with something that will look easy, but believe me, it isn't. The easiest looking things are the HARDEST to me!

  • Problem #3 I was going to use a very bold patterned fabric. Rethought it. Now, believe I need to photograph it without 1st. Then, with to see which looks better! I don't want the tulle to look too light but don't want the fabric to overwhelm. So, dilemma ...

  • Problem #4 The chandelier ... I do believe I'll have to dress it up and may do that in the middle of photographing the table simply and then, more decoratively with fabric tablecloth and chandelier.

  • Problem #5 Computer slowed down photographing. Have to transfer all my kids photos to the PC after it crashed. So, my memory cards are full.

  • Problem #6 Wine glasses. I don't believe my antique coral-toned wine glasses are Autumn enough for the table. But I did find a flute I like and need to go get more. So, I had been looking around for those & found some at Pier I - very pretty!

  • Problem #7 I keep thinking about those little, stinkin' place cards!!! I want them to look CUTE! I am Papier Creatif, afterall! ;)

  • Problem #8 On top of finalizing the tablescape which is lookin' *DELISH*, I've also been planning an Autumn menu. That means I have to figure out what's in the cupboard and what's NOT! That means I'm gonna havta think some more. Then, havta go grocery shopping ... I'd rather decorate than grocery shop!

  • Problem #9 I have to cook the meal, position for photography and keep guests at bay long enough to photograph without it all getting cold or shriveling up! Hmmm ... time for photography classes.

Do you realize what photographers go thru? I've developed a deeper respect. Just looking thru the lens and viewing photos for editing, I see every little flaw, every speck of dirt, fingerprint or paint chip! I can see whether draperies are stacked back exactly. Whether or not something is perfectly scaled or not. So, this renaissance of photographic couture is REALLY GETTING TO ME!

  • Problem #10 I worry that once the tablescape is complete, whether it's all going to look as pretty in the picture as it does in person. And I'm figuring out ways to photograph it -- like with light bouncing off the ceiling ... another thing to add to the list since I've never done it. And let's see, oh yes, a ladder to take photos over the top of the table. And what about all those settings on my camera that I don't know about!?!?!

These are JUST the TOP 10 ... But! I am so very happy & excited that Autumn is quickly approaching! And this is always the way it is for me around the holidays. Details-details-details ... the gratification comes when everyone is filling up on good food, spirits & festive ambiance! That's the purpose of my plight - to provide beautiful memories & a lovely place to gather during my favorite time of the year. AUTUMN!!!

So, check in soon and, hopefully, I'll be finished up in a few days!!





  1. Decorating for the holidays is so much fun. I love autumn colors and themes. Have fun! Photographing it is so much fun if the light is cooperating!

  2. Oh Juls I can sooo relate!!! I love this post I have read and reread if that is even a word:)

    I live so close and yet so far from Dallas. It really is only about a 4 hour drive. I used to visit often when DH worked in Texas but not anymore. I really miss the market and the wonderful array of beautiful finds... sigh

    Sending you a Hug.

  3. @Kathryn Thanks for visiting Kathryn! I posted about you on Tres Joli Home blog - just check my profile for the addy if you'd like!

    @Becky Thanks for the hug, Becky! I've made a little headway yesterday and today. Finalized the placecard & finished setting the table with the new wine glasses & silverware. Topped off the candles with trim & jeweled crosses. So, it's getting there. Now, all I need to do is a little housework. As you can see, I'd rather be on the computer!

    Dallas market was very nice. I really loved K&K's showroom {I think that's the name of it} ... they had it set-up so awesome for the holidays!

  4. Problem #11 - You worry way too much! LOL You know, if I were a family member or a friend coming over, the only thing I would be happy about is spending time with someone as wonderful as you! No matter what you do, design, create, decorate, etc. it will never outshine you. I think you are wonderful! Best, Curt

  5. @Curt You wouldn't think that if ya heard me *muttering* about having to sweep leaves up off my kitchen floor for the 4th time in 2 days!

    I totally agree with you -- it's all about family & friends gathering for the holidays. A lot of us put pressure on ourselves to make everything perfect! And I have become the *Festivista* vs. *Fashionista* in our family. I love decorating! I just *hate* housework!




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