InSights: PC Follies ~

My PC finally gave out, well, I gave up trying to make things run smoothly again. Looks like, I may have a virus or two or three, who knows! Don't you think that the US should get some stiff legislation & penalties going to get this under better control? If you think about it, at least in my life, I really started using the PC over the last 15 years or so. And as usual, the government lags behind the social wave & cannot seem to keep up with technology and the laws that should be wrapped tightly around it. Technology can't even keep up with itself! I'm typing this on the house PC vs. my office PC. I prefer my office PC, it's got a built-in TV and all my awesome programs that keep my life and hobbies ticking along. But someone messed it up.

IMO, it's as if someone walked into my home and trashed my computer. Now, typically, wouldn't there be a police report for property damages? Is there some way that we could report these problems online? Should IBM and Apple have this capability built-in since they are the ones who started us all down this bitter-sweet path? There hasta be ways to track these *bugs*! And where IS the protection here? Why aren't our firewalls working? Why are programs that are put on our PCs so vulnerable? I don't want Herbie-Hacker or Mihn from China messin' with my computer, thank you!

It's a nice little biz for "Geeks" {no disrespect, my bro is a techie}, isn't it? AND ALSO the technical support teams for lots of our pricey programs that they charge hourly to install and *fix*. Simply because you know and I know, they could make these programs install with our eyes closed. They go behind our backs and do what they want anyway. But they make it just technical enough that the average girl or guy has to call-in for $35/hour help. Can someone PLEASE *FIX THIS?!!!*

So, coupled with the problem of international hackers that the US government can't get to... Wow ... Can we make an AMERICA NET? Instead of being on a WORLD WIDE WEB? I personally don't need to always be privy to the WWW. I just want my little American programs to run efficiently! And the staff in India is polite enough, but I have better things to do with my time than spend 4-6 cumulative hours getting an accounting program installed! I'm a decorator not a programmer!

But you know what, the dude at *Geek Whatev* said I knew more than the average person walking in. That's because I am cheap! I want to understand it so I can fix it myself. So, I spend hours poking around looking at what programs are running and how much memory. As well as, finding where my Documents & Settings were hidden by a Hack, oh let me correct that, ...hack... They don't deserve capitalization. But guess what invisible man, I found my files! Yes, you tried creating about 2 other users and mixed up my stuff. Nice try ... I should tell your mother. What's her number? I wonder if she'd visit you in jail?

Additionally, I don't want to have to constantly upgrade programs that are working just fine on my PC because *technology has changed and now so-n-so company doesn't support the older version*. I've had to do this THREE TIMES with one particular software company. They FORCE US into spending more money on their latest versions. Kinda greedy, ain't it? And they are beginning to turn out their updates annually. How nice. No wonder Americans are having a hard time saving money. Partly due to the fact that everything we purchase has to be tossed out in 1-5 years. That includes PCs, printers, televisions, radios, CD players, IPODs, toasters, microwaves, lawn mowers, dishwashers & dryers, blow dryers, eyelash curlers, vacuums ... Hey? Do you know how many vacuums I've purchased over the course of a 25 year marriage??? Like ... 10! Do you know how many vacuums my parents had while I lived in their home for 18 years??? 2! What's happened to *QUALITY*? Where's the beef?! And why are they grinding beef into a worm-like substance instead of grinding it the old-fashioned way? It's kinda gross lookin' and additionally, it tastes like cardboard!

{Deep breath ...} Back to the topic ... There needs to be a layer of some sort created, as well as like a Global Internet License Plate! And a method of easily tracking back to these *haters* who are crashing our fun, our efficiency, and our personal lives. I remember a soccer mom who always used to yell out, "Christine! Make yourself a problem!" That's right. Our computers should have built-in, highly complex & VERY SECRET capability to protect individual programs by *making it a big time problem for anyone to interfere with it's functioning*. Multi-layer. And it should be TOP SECRET at all software firms! Do you know how many photos I lost? A bunch - thankfully, I had an external drive. That's right, I out-smarted the virus. BUT ... the time I've spent dealing with this is way out there and it's just not fair! I have much better things to do with my time.

Does the government realize how many man hours are lost on a daily basis from small business to the Fortune 500s? Surely they do! It's millions of dollars, billions???, out of their pockets, as well as ours. Time to step it up boys ... Bill Gates? What do you have to say about all this? Has he ever spoken about this problem? And some of the operating systems that are being put out there by these guys ... look at all the patches that they have to constantly put together because the OS wasn't designed properly in the 1st place. Why? They want to rush and put the latest version out there to generate more sales. Oh ... this is *faster*. Oh ... this is *safer*. Oh ... you have to update your drivers too! Oh ... your virus program is only good for a year, you have to renew it! *Safer* my A**.

Oh!? Really? I am so tired of it! Don't get me wrong. I love my computer - like an old friend. However, there needs to be some serious effort up front into getting these programs they fling at us working properly and efficiently BEFORE they put them out on the shelf! Furthermore, I cannot stand for ALL THESE PROGRAMS to be running in the background, cutting into my PCs speed and putting through constant updates for their less-than-adequately-programmed-programs! Half the time, no... MORE than half the time, I don't know what in the heck is being updated! Maybe I don't want the update! Maybe I don't want them to check out my cookies! But they know we don't have time to read the fine print because we are all too busy running multiple virus scans and security programs that don't work, as well as trying to figure out how to make things ACTUALLY FUNCTION CORRECTLY! Loading and reloading programs,etc. So, we sign off on stuff that we have no idea about! BECAUSE WE ARE TIRED! It's like closing our eyes and picking a card. But the deck is stacked with jokers.

I want to know EXACTLY what .exe files, etc. that are being put on my PC, legally OR illegally, the purpose and, most importantly to ALWAYS have the option of updating or not. Every time. AND I don't want someone to have the capability of sneaking in through my cable or wireless system, turning my computer on remotely to put their dang updates and *stuff* on MY COMPUTER. Got that, guys? MY COMPUTER NOT YOUR COMPUTER. Heck, a lot of the updates screw up people's computers even more than the original bad operating system. They *ADD* to our computers, what they want and when they want. Where's the Consumer Protection Act surrounding this juicy little topic?

I'm sure I've lost most of you by now on this post. But guys? We gotta say something to the Feds about this problem. It's HUGE! While I was standing in line at the computer repair company {huge national chain} in suburbia, within 30 minutes 6 people walked in to either pick-up or drop-off their PCs. Now, if we were in line at the police station, do you think we'd all get some attention for this grossly ignored problem? You bet! Because they'd be tired of us all complaining. But *they* don't have to deal with it because it happens invisibly. And we are opening our pocketbooks likes lemmings - "Oh thank you so much for fixing my computer!" Like it was our fault???? Yet, this is absolutely NO DIFFERENT than someone walking into your home and smashing your computer, or tele, or favorite vase!

*Oh! You need to get Anti-virus ... if you don't have it, it's your fault.*

Hmmm ... *You need to get an alarm system ... if you don't have one, it's your fault you were vandalized and burglarized.* I don't buy it. They are fleecing all of us.

Does anyone know of any efforts going on nationally and internationally to make this situation better? Send me the link! Send me a petition to sign! I AM THERE!

I gotta tell Lilly about this ... she'll know what to do .... It's gonna take girls to fix this problem anyway.





  1. Amen sister! You go girl! I get frustrated too, but we have to be on top of it all. We have to know what the current scams are, we need to know not to open crap we don't know where it came from, we need to tell our well meaning friends to stop forwarding crappy chain letters, and links to "funny" videos, etc. We are cattle for the most part, and we blindly go along with whatever the software companies want us to in order to stay up with technology. What it's going to take is for us to start contacting the offensive companies en mass to tell them we won't take it any more. But alas, there aren't enough people out there who want to put out the effort to make it happen. Great post! I agree with you 100% Best, Curt

  2. WOW JULS!!! I really need some of that writing inspiration. You always make me laugh and yet you speak for one and all!!! YOU GO!!!!

  3. @Curt I too agree with you! I am always reluctant to open chain letters simply because for the most part, we don't know where it originated from.

    @Becky thank you, girl. I wrote a letter to my state rep one year out of sheer frustration because it really is not fair and it is so widespread. I didn't send it because he's probably not the guy, first of all, and secondly, it seems like it would only fall on deaf ears. It's so complicated. So, I believe it's up to manufacturers to provide the safeguards to protect their systems, programs and our hardware.

    Now, it's become a big secondary biz for spyware and anti-virus companies. If the government started slapping down privacy laws on software like they do in the credit card, insurance and medical industries, perhaps they take a stronger look at how to resolve a lot of this. I also believe the internet companies like Internet Explorer, Mozilla, et al should be required to step up privacy as well.

    To Be Seen ...

  4. Juls...great post!!! As you know I'm right in the middle of this mess with you & frustration has become my middle name!!! I so agree with you on the short shelf life of any of our techno companions. My laptop died after 4 years, my compact DVD player after 2 years, my 57" JVC tv after 2 years & over $500 in repairs is still not working & sitting in our garage being used as a coat rack, my printer sucks after 3 years & it would be cheaper to buy a new one then to replace the ink...but I can't do it. I was not raised in the throw away genereation, all these things (not working) are taking up space in my home cuz I'm frozen with what to do?? (Then the really crazy thing is even if I try & throw all of these items away, I can't...they don't even take them at the dump!!! Where am I suppose to take all this broken s*** anyway??? Deep breaths, sign, rest the brain, happy thoughts, babies smiles, childrens laughter, fall leaves. Like Scarlett O'Hara, I'll think about it tomorrow! :)

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog! Returning the love...

    I love digital scrapbooking! I do alot of manual scrapbooking for my toddler. Love the blog! I'll be following you! :-)

  6. @Susie Interesting point about the ink being more expensive than the printer itself! So true! My dad owned a television repair shop while raising us kids. His customer's would bring him everything that needed repair and back then it was about replacing a tube vs. a mother board or the entire thing! {I used to do inventory of this HUGE wall of television tubes! It was kinda fun!}

    Maybe you could take your frustration out on the unfixable stuff and start breaking it down, piece-by-annoying-piece and throw it into the trash a little at a time! Or mail it back to the manufacturer and tell them what they can do with it!!! Yea! ;)

  7. @JaelCustomDesigns Hi Jen! Thanks for stopping by to visit! {Hugs}


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