Digiscrap: Engagement Collage~

Love is in the air!

I had the honor of photographing my daughter's best friend & fiance Sunday afternoon! we were able to capture some amazing photographs of the happy couple. They are both so excited about their upcoming wedding! Doesn't this collage say it all?

Accompanied by 3 of her closest friends, the entourage rallied behind the bride-to-be toting cameras, tripod, fishing poles, ladder, wardrobe & oil blotters! {scroll down}

Here's Jacq as Back-up Photographer. Her job was to capture the angles I didn't & to look for technical issues, such as shadowing & over-exposure. Oh! And also to climb into large trees & hike across creek embankments for the perfect shot!

Here's Lacey, Technical Assistant. Her job was to provide technical equipment support, such as lens changes.

Here is Andrea, Make-up Artist. {See oil blotter.} Her job was to re-roll hair fallen from Texas humidity & well, blot.

Cody grabbed the ladder & fishing poles from us! Such the Gentleman! We are off to take bridge photos nearby!

More to come!

I cannot wait to find some cool digital photo wedding ideas!





  1. Your children´s happiness is the best gift they could ever give to you, isn´t it?

  2. @Mermaid Lullaby Hola!!! Great to see you visiting! Absolutely a great source of joy & inspiration of the heart! {xoxo} Juls~

  3. Oh what a wonderful wonderful digi collage. Young love there is nothing like it!

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. It really made me smile. Maybe I really should go to Barnes and Noble who knows they may like what I do:)

    Sending you a HUG!!!

  4. @Becky So true, Becky! Love is an amazing, wonderful feeling! They are both so happy and great for each other. Perfect match!

    Oh! You are so talented! I hope you do go and they buy billions from you!!!!!!!!!



  5. What a beautiful couple!
    You did an awesome job on these pics that they will have for the rest of their lives together!

    Peace and Luv,

  6. Another awesome job with the photos. Does your talent have an end??? Gorgeous decorating, gorgeous photography, gorgeous children. . .Wow you are charmed! Best, Curt

  7. @Curt You are the *charmed one*, sir! For sure! {xoxo}


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