Digiscrap: Destiny's Sweet Song~

I gotta say, this little project has exceeded my own expectations!  The inspiration for this was the photos previously posted.  Take a look to see the before & after effects from Photoshop.

After applying a few new techniques I learned at Jessica Sprague on converting photos to B&W, then to Sepia, adding her little grungy mask & workin' a little digital scrapbook magic, this is the result!

Now, what I intend to do with these is two-fold.  First of all, these two romantic montages will be pinned to their reception photo easel, as the centerpieces.  Then, lots of other engagement photos will be added around them.

Secondly, these two pages will be the covers to their digital engagement photo album! {shhhhhhh!}

The back cover turned out really cute!  Remember the photo of the boots in the previous post?  It was the *Bride To Be's* idea to shoot some photos of just their boots!  So, I knew I needed to do something special with the image.  I think it's perfect for the backside & don't you know everyone is gonna be turning it over just to check it out!  I hope they like it!  They are so deserving ...  She & my daughter have become such great friends. And friendship is a such wonderful blessing in life.

I wrote a little prose on the back which reads:

Destiny's Sweet Song
Beckons Us to Dance
O'er the Bridge of Life
Bound by Love Eternal

Anything creative makes my day! Doesn't it, you? So relaxing & when it's something sentimental like this, it warms you up inside!

Naturally, I had to throw the Love & Bridge theme in there!





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