Digiscrap: Bridge Embrace~

Hi Everyone,

Editing this digital photo was an interesting process today.  It was cropped not once, not twice, not thrice but four times until a quasi-professional & more romanctic appeal was squeezed & tilted out of it!  To illustrate this, I'm including the original photo, edited sepia version & scrapbook layout.  I loved heightening, enhancing or maybe the best word to describe this would be, communicating the love that our love birds *feel* for eachother.  Visually, I find editing digital photos is kinda like elaborating the words in a paragraph.  They may mean the same thing, but to impact the reader or viewer {or in this case my enamored desire to live vicariously through a couple in the stage of young love!} you have to find their center, the sentiment, the emotion, the compassion, the mood.......

The sepia tone created that moody quality I was looking for & it's simplistic color makes their emotion more prominent.  No bright tones to distract the eye, we are drawn in to their caress & tenderness.  Cropping is also a little art in itself.  What I tried to do was to define a line from the bridge moving across the photo and towards them vs. angles all over the place in the original photo.  To me, it "almost" has a movie quality about it.  Do you think?

If you are still reading this, you must really love me .... ;)

But really!  There are amazing things that you can do with your photographs with the Photo Editors you already have on your PCs.  Do not be timid!  Select a favorite photo, copy it first, then play around with the options.  You'll be amazed at what a little tweaking can do!  Here's proof in the pudding!  {Did I really type that?}

I've been living in Texas for a while now, huh?

Hope you are having a creative, expressive & enjoyable week!





  1. Gorgeously amazing pics, and yes I still luv u!!

    Peace and Luv,

  2. @Jeannie I luv u too, girl! {xoxo}


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