Digiscrap - Boot Scootin Boogie~

Here are a few digital photos I edited for *The Engagement* project I'm working on - really, really cute & the one of them dancing on the bridge is pretty wonderful!  I love how the sunlight is cascading through.  And photographing shoes & feet is very popular these days!  Look how cool the boots look with the following photos.
After Our Sweet *Bride To Be* selected photos she liked & wanted, we talked about ideas for displaying their engagement photographs at the reception.  All of a sudden, I got this idea to use my wrought iron, scrolly easel & muslin boards! 

These are used when working with fabrics & trims to pin-up on during the design phase of bedding, home textiles & custom window treatments.  So, for purposes of the reception, I need to figure out how to pin their engagement photos all over it in a cool sorta way.  I cannot wait to get the pictures all printed out & laid out on the board.  Perhaps figure out a unique/hip way to embellish it!  This will be a great conversational piece for guests!  But I'm running out of time, so we'll see ... I'm thinking maybe jewelry chains swagging across and the photos clipped to it ... Or, maybe some tassels & cording ... Or, just simply use pearl tipped pins to attach them!

Tomorrow, I'll figure out a cute way to lay these out with photo frames or maybe embellishment with photoshop brushes.  Primarily, I want things to be consistent & capture all those special moments & feelings of love!
Check back with me!




  1. Your photography is awesome. I too, love the bridge picture. They are such a beautiful couple. Best, Curt

  2. @Curt Oh yes, Curt, they are very special.

    Time to take a course in manually setting lighting, etc. Most of these are taken with automatic or sports mode to capture successional shots. I had a little luck on my side with the sun starting to set & it brightly shining in the upper right corner!

    {xoxo} Juls~

  3. These are just amazing Juls!
    Who wouldn't love to have pics like these taken with their beloved!

    I do have inspirational "to do" projects around my desk, but your idea with the ceiling tile sounds great!

    Thanks for your continued nudge to keep me going!

    Peace and Luv,

  4. @Jeannie Yes, girl, and there are several others that turned out beautiful. Many, many shots but worth all the effort.

    I am a bit of a *nudger* or others may call me a *driver* ... just ask my family & friends {well, you're one, so you know now!} ha!

    Actually, I've always been one to encourage people's ambitions. My mom used to always ask me, "What do you think of this?" {about her artwork, especially painted pieces or oil painting} So, perhaps that's given me the idea that what I think is truly relevant all the time!! :) hehehe ...

    {xoxo} Juls~

  5. WOW Juls this is simply amazing!!!!

    I really love the sepia it makes the page stand out.

    And your suggestion hasn't fallen on deaf ears. What a lovely idea! I think I should start putting the lovely lovely antique poetry as I call it on the back of the tags. Thank you for the suggestion!


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