Digiscrap: Beautiful Evidence IV~

Hi Everyone!

*Beautiful Evidence* Day 4!

Still catching up on classes and they take time but I learn a little sumthin-sumthin' from each layout. This was one of my favorite Valenetine's Day cards I made earlier this year!

The *magic lasso* comes in handy when you want to copy a portion of a photo or paper to layer on top or use in another area. Here, I copied the big flower on top of itself so that it would lay on top of the Valentine's Day card. Then, to add color & break up the monotony of the ribbon, I copied a portion of the flower as well as it's stem in the upper corner over the brown striped ribbon. It's soft, romantic, old-fashioned ... ahhh ... ~

Hope you are having a *super-fantastic* day! Don't be shy & feel free to leave me a comment or point me in the direction of your blog!!! I LUV BLOGGIN'!





  1. Really beautiful Juls.
    You have the eye and the perfect touch for stuff like this!
    Can't wait to see your tablescape!
    Good luck with your to do list, mine is getting bigger every day too!

    Peace and Luv,


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