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This particular layout is the cover for a 22-page 12x12 album. I've used older photographs in these & definitely need to start taking more! I decided to make the cover kind of dreamy by editing photos into a soft, sepia tone. I took the sunflower photo at one of Mason's golf tournaments {most of you know that I don't get out much! Where else would I have taken this photo? Don't you think a trip to the Mediterranean is in order?} I thought it was really cool, how it branched up into the sky. And those angular linear marks across the sky are actually clouds, not texture! Naturally, I am drawn to that antiquey kind of look & wanted it to look kinda artsy, although I have a long way to go with my photography! I thought it turned out great!

I like the photo of Mason sitting in front of a truck parked on the golf course. It had that old-fashioned appeal & is pretty cool, even though he's smirking a bit! He's a perfectionist like his mother! Even shots that I think are great, he'll criticize, slam the club down & march off the tee box! Then, he shoots par - go figure???

The photo of Jessica is terrific. I love how the wind caught tendrils of her hair & swept it across her face. The texture of the pampus grass gives the photo a timeless appeal. And for her & Marty, their stringed instruments are at hand. They are so similar in how they perform - no fear, just the love of the music they are creating.

The photo of Jacqueline is from a recent photo shoot. I hope to do some beautiful layouts of her with these pictures. And I want to do individual photo shoots of all my kids now - not at their sporting or musical events, but just being themselves in the sunshine.

The upcoming layouts are pre-designed digital templates from Jessica Sprague. She has a wonderful class going on that I signed-up for called *Beautiful Evidence*. This girl has heart; I like that! Her introduction to the course reads, "Your life is beautiful. All around you, right now, where you sit, is evidence. Proof of you and your life, evidence that you live, and think, and guess what? It's beautiful. Even if it's laundry or dishes or your job, or your kid, or your pet, it's YOURS, and it's wonderful. It's your precious, only-get-to-do-it-once-so-you-better-make-the-most-of-it life, and I can't wait to help you scrap it."

What I find so intriguing about life, is how the smallest gesture or thought can turn into something bigger. I started this blog as *Papier Creatif*, a scrapbook & paper craft blog to post projects and journal about my life. Digital Scrapbooking was not something I had ever thought of doing. So, as I journeyed the Internet looking for traditional scrapbooking ideas and groups to join, digital scrapbooking was all over the place! And although I admired many of the projects posted, paper still drew me in.

Then, I randomly found Jessica Sprague while working on Mason's golf team slide show presentation. After his coach had asked me to put this together for them, I began looking for ideas of simple layouts. I had purchased Photoshop CS3 for a website that I wanted to put together for my business {which I've never completed! -- it's way more technical than I could have imagined}, but the blog was simple. It took me hours upon hours to finish one basic layout for Mason. Quite an accomplishment considering I knew nothing about digital scrapbooking OR Photoshop CS3! I got stuck. My file was HUGE and I was worried that the computer would bog down and crash in the middle of the presentation, so I looked for answers. That's when I found Jessica Sprague.

Jessica had a wonderful blog called Sprague Lab. I had found many technical links about sizing files but they didn't speak my language. Jessica did. I searched her blog and found a post about converting .pdf files to smaller .jpg files. And further more, how to even resize them for web devices. Step-by-step. She is so concise, clear & crisp that is was easy to go through the process of resizing my projects.

She has a very upbeat, quirky personality. People are drawn to her because she makes it all seem so simple! She shares information with her highly female audience and they appreciate her. Her classes are at class pace or your own pace. So, I can work on projects whenever it's convenient for me. And the classes are always available to you once you've paid, so often I refer back to segments when I get stuck. "How did I do that before???"

You can tell that she cares about her life, her *followers* or I suppose you could call us *her passe*, *fans* or *JS addicts*. She provides so many women a wonderful way to express themselves, their lives & get to the source of what makes their hearts warm! She's opened up my mind to creative ways to document important moments of my family's life; which has also become a great hobby, an opportunity to learn, share & grow personally. She's encouraged me to learn more about photography, which I hope to do next & can't wait. It's FUN STUFF. Come on, how often does a 47-year old chick get to learn something new? Plus, I love the computer. I always have. Ever since my days of working corporate, I enjoyed walking into my office with a warm cup of coffee and revving up the ol' computer.

*JS* has a fresh style & warm way of using elements in digital scrapbooking. Her style is different from mine. She seems more modern, while I'm a little more, well, I was gonna say vintage, but I don't feel I'm quite *there* yet. But I do like classic, antiquey styles of scrapbooking! What the commonality is, is the emotional value she puts on her life & her work & her quest for knowledge, learning & sharing. And now, I really enjoy digital scrapbooking - maybe even more than paper! {confession}

I remember when I first started staying home with the kids. It was a huge adjustment for me. I felt very alone & overwhelmed with motherhood. I went through post-partum for months before anyone recognized it. Additionally, something was missing... I can't remember the specific reason for it, but we purchased a home computer. It was like finding an old friend! I paid my bills on it, wrote letters, and journaled. Now, it's purpose has ever expanded & become an even more important part of my life.

I love my family, my computer & Jessica Sprague! ;)





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