Blog Event: 100th Papier Creatif Post~

Hi Fellow Bloggers & Friends!


I've reached my 100th Post @ Papier Creatif!!! 

100 Posts later, what a fun ride!  Blogging has impacted my life & daily life on so many levels.  Inspiration is at the touch of my finger tips.  I can peer into the lives of so many sweet people who are like-minded.  Each of you are blessed with unique talents & a warm human spirit.  It is here that we can let our human spirit shine by gestures of kindness, sharing & creating together.  We reach out to others here in a way that we can't with our non-Blogger friends & family. 

There's a fun comradery & support between Bloggers.  When I began blogging, I had gone through a rocky point in my life.  When there is serious illness, your mind & soul turn inward to evaluate life.  Blogging has allowed me to do that - as a way of letting my children & family know how important and loved they are, I began scrapbooking again.  It kind of went like this ...

  • Eye Surgery for Basal Cell Carcinoma {I am cancer free now with a 99% cure rate!}
  • Blog for Scrapbooking
  • Then started doing some altered art
  • Then started photographing my kids sporting events with my new camera
  • Then put together a slide show presentation {learned Power Point ...}, with music I might add
  • Which forced me to learn a little about Photoshop CS3 {time consuming & slow!}
  • Which introduced me to Jessica Sprague, when I wrote her to ask for advice about the slide show
  • Which then introduced me to her classes on digital photography editing - Frames Class
  • Which then introduced me to even more of her digital scrapbooking classes - Beautiful Evidence
  • Which then propelled me into thinking that I really need to hone my photography/camera skills
  • Then, offered to help my daughter's friend engagement photos & album
It all starts somewhere ... and it just goes to show you that Bloggers aren't *just* computer-addicted people with nothing better to do.  If anything, I do much more than I ever have in my life.  And it's also more outward expressions of care, love & support.  {But in reality, yes, I'm totally addicted to my computer.  And I love it!}  Blogging has definitely increased my thirst for knowledge & has expanded my love of the arts.

I saw *DOOCE* on a talk show or something and heard her talk about blogging.  That's when I was introduced to the whole concept.  Prior to it, I thought blogging was something that Irish or Scottish people did and didn't have a concrete idea of what it really was ... some kind of writing I thought - like a newspaper writer or newspaper critic online.  Who knew!  I thought she was funny & candid about her life.  I understood her nature to be compelled to share her life outwardly with others.  She's made blogging her career & is successful at it.

It's no surprise to me that I Blog. My parents & siblings don't really understand it, but even in high school, I read a journal entry from my diary to my classmates as a homework assignment.  I wrote songs off & on throughout my life. Recording many, I put together a CD composed of 11 songs.  Piano, drum machine, Marty's guitar on a few, my lyrics, my singing ... Amateur but an expression of self & soul.  And a few that I feel *could be* commercial.  A few that haven't been recorded or mixed onto a CD that need to.  Writing, art, poetry, music is all a function of design.  Creating a story, a room, a song, a poem, a scrapbook page, an altered art piece or a beautiful photo - all take *COMPOSITION* & *DESIGN*.  I dream, I review, preview, redo, rethink, revise until whatever it is Falls Into Place ... and a little piece of my heart is recreated.

I've often said that I'm good at a lot of things but not excellent at one thing!  And funny that last night, Jacqueline, who is studying Plato said that in order for a person to be successful, they must only have one job in life.  Oh!  So THAT'S the problem, 1st of all I wanna do too much, have too many interests & passions, plus I'm a working Mom.  Which explains the pile of laundry ...

So true, I will agree that there are times that I feel pulled in a lot of different directions.  I turn to blogging, digital scrapbooking, art & music, as an escape.  There I can hone in on *ONE THING*, relax, create & share with all of you.  Hopefully, to inspire you or cheer you or for you to know that I am here.  Here as a kindred spirit & friend, who understands that although we are all at different stages of life & life experience but we are all a part of *The Big Picture*.

To celebrate my 100th Post & as a thanks to you all for your inspiration, I will retouch one of your favorite digital photos.  Be one of the first 3 to comment!