InSights: GiGi Overseeing Floral Design~

Hi You All!

Hope your Monday went well. Towards the end of the day, I finally got things rolling along. I've been told I'm a night owl, so figures! This post ties into the Tres Joli Home post from today. Take a look at my little GiGi. I was up late and she was on the floor looking so tired but didn't want to go to bed without me, so I grabbed a pillow from the sofa and made her a temporary tuffet to rest on while I worked.

See the one with her eyes closed ... I'm thinkin' it wasn't because of the camera.

Then, there's one where she looks like she is smiling at me - such a sweetheart!
She thinks I wanna play now!

Look who hasta join in!? Our Ol' Sammy-girl. I call her THE EMPRESS. Look at those loving eyes. How can people not like dogs????? Okay, so can I help it if she has a slightly menacing look? She's nice to us!!~

So, two of my doggie-dogs kept me company while I forced myself to focus on finishing the floral! Which turned out quite lovely, I might add. Although whenever I go through designing floral arrangements, I question it until it's done! Then, I'm usually very happy with the end result. But there have been many, many, times where I think, Holy Moses I should just start over!

I don't think the dogs would have let me, based on Sammy's photo ...

Here's the floral lookin' good . . .

Here's the floral where I'm thinkin' *NOT!!!* Or as my sister Cheri always sez, "Yeah ... no." Yeah, uhm, I think I was a bit giddy at this point. Roses & hydrangea do not have antlers .... And it could have spanned the entire length of the vanity, if I had let this monster get out of control!

Okay, final product - close to 1 a.m. in the morning ... "Looks good to me!"

See my post at Tres Joli Home to see where this landed. And I'm not finished with that project. Hopefully next week, when the window treatment gets finished. And my photography skills have to step up a bit!





  1. I just luv your sweeties Juls!!!
    I would have more than three myself, but hubby put a cap on the number!
    xoxo Carol

  2. @Carol Hi Carol! Thanks for dropping by! I love my *babies* too. They are each so different from one another. I'll have to come see what you are working on. Hope you are being creative! {xoxo} Juls~

  3. Hey girl! Thx for all of your great comments, you are one of my #1 fans! I did set up an Etsy account, but then never put anything on it so I'll get on that soon.

    Your floral design turned out great, I used to do that when I worked at Michael's in Colorado and it was so much fun!

    Luv those little fur babies of yours!!

    Peace and Luv,

  4. Oh my goodness Juls your babies are both just soooo sweet! Don't you just love dogs they are the highlight of our lives:)

    This is simply a stunning floral piece! BRAVO!!!!

  5. @Jeannie Good to know, Jeannie! When I get hung-up on mechanics & balance, I'll email you! LOL! I think you'll do great with ETSY! {xoxo} Juls~

    @WhimsicalMusings Yes, yes, yes! I love them. It's sweet to see them all wagging their tails, happy to see me. And they don't adore the rest of my family like they do me. So *I* get spoiled too! Thank you for the compliment on the floral. I liked the cool rose I tucked in on the side, as an accent. The client really liked it. {xoxo} Juls~

  6. Aw the sweetest little pooch's ... I can see why you love them so much :O) Loving your flower arrangement...and the bit about the antlers made me LOL..thanks for sharing! Hels x

  7. @Hels Hiya Hels! Good to see you dropping by :) Glad you liked the floral. I need to do more & start selling them! It's so hot out in my garage where my work bench is and it makes such a big mess when I do them in the house.


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