Hybrid: Challenge 08.08 - Oh! The Places I've Been ... ~


Merging the worlds of digital scrapbooking with paper! I've finally done it! It took a *deadline* of a challenge I created for the Hybrid Scrapbooking group on Jessica Sprague.

I decided to do a layout of *moi* for a change! When you are the family photographer, like myself, photos of yourself are few and far between. These two particular photographs worked well together, especially for this challenge.

I used a pre-made layout from Designer Digitals which always saves you a ton of time. Now, the initial color scheme looked very bright with red & black, but I added several background papers, frames and used color overlays to revamp it. The simple green background the text box is on allows a small floral paper to bleed thru which is a very cool, textured look. To pop it, I used black since the photo mask was already black and black lettering helped the text section show up better & balanced it. Then, to define the photos, I resized them to fit into the space and used a digital frame for them both.

What is great about Hybrid Scrapbooking is that you get your projects off the computer. Unless you are good about getting digital layouts printed {which I haven't been doing yet but hope to}, it forces you to print your projects out and get them in an album where they can been seen & touched! My family & friends enjoy looking at my paper layouts. The ease of digital is great because they can be quickly shared with everyone online.

I was very pleased with the print quality of these digital papers. My concern was that they would not have the depth I'm used to with paper. This project turned out great! Just remember it's important to keep your ink levels up and the printer in good working order or they will streak and/or colors will fade.

These photos were taken in Arkansas on Spring Break in 2007. Wow - time for another vacation, eh?! The text box reads:

OH! the places i've been ....

"I've traveled to
faraway places in
the world like Paris,
Canada & Mexico.
And while each
country was pretty
& had it's own unique
culture & beautiful
backdrop of city,
mountains, or ocean,
I am most relaxed
in a simple cabin
overlooking the
Ozark Mountains.
For me, a jacuzzi
& campfire
rank higher than
bistros & snow skis."


  • DesignerDigitals"Oh! the *places* I have been....." digital layout .pdf
  • The Shabby Shoppe, Autumn Medley, Paper Damask
  • The Shabby Shoppe, Autumn Medley, Paper Sage Green
  • The Shabby Shoppe, Autumn Medley, Paper Floral
  • The Shabby Shoppe, Autumn Medley, Frame 1
  • Basic Grey, Infuse, Clr. Salt//inf-843
  • Our Stories, Mounting Corners, Clr. Black, #OSM-401
  • The Robert Stanley Collection, Brown Paisley 1 1/2" Wired Ribbon, #603431
  • Black Beaded Floral Fashion Ribbon, Item # Unknown

Hope you all are having a great weekend! Please do not be shy & leave me a comment to say hello or point me in the direction of your blog! I appreciate & enjoy them ALL!





  1. Beautiful work as usual girlie!!

    Peace and Luv,

  2. Love the hybrid work you made! Looks stunning, I hope you made some more :)

  3. This is wonderful! Love what the text says! I've never tried digital scrapbooking, but your page sure is an inspiration to do so! Best, Curt

  4. @Jeannie Thanks Jeannie! Your blog is rocking!

  5. @NikkiNess I'm working on it, Nikki. My computer has been crashing a lot lately, so I didn't get anything done this week. And I'm back to work decorating. I like hybrid because I get the projects into my scrapbooks and off the computer. Thankfully, I backed up my photos!

  6. @Curtin Carmel Curt I think you'd enjoy digital, especially since you are great at photography. Try out JessicaSprague.com. She'll get you up and running in no time!


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