Digiscrap: Siblings Are the Chocolate Chips~

In the Cookies of Life, Siblings Are the Chocolate Chips!

Well, it's been an emotional week for me - all about heritage & family. My memories delved into past holidays, childhood, teenage years, college - you name it - I was having major flashbacks! And naturally, my life growing up with Cheri & Donnie was in the forefront. There was warmth, laughter & sparks of sibling rivalry! But we've always loved each other dearly & they are two of my closest friends.

I had planned on doing a Summer Serendipity layout of us, and so the timing & uplifting sentiments were perfect! Three Peas In a Pod - that's us.

See the land rover-thingy? {Okay, it's a *Ranger*} That's my brother's. He took us for a majorly hellacious ride near the shores of Grapevine Lake. I'm sure that the kids could hear me screaming for him to slow down from a mile away! He didn't ... Just like when he wouldn't slow down driving us in go-carts. The go-cart race was this week - why I keep getting into fast moving vehicles with him is nuts. I had also forgotten that he used to race them. Yes, RACE them ... really fast! He's always been a bit of a dare devil. And while I was screaming, my sister, Cheri, was grinning ear to ear. I think she was glad in an evil kinda way that I was scared out of my mind!


Oh, and wait until I post my next project of them before this ride happened. Their true colors were captured in a series of photos with my trusty camera! See Mom!? I told you I was the best behaved!!!





  1. What an awesome page! I LOVE the stitching on this! Great picture and great colors. Wonderful work! Best, Curt

  2. Nice family Juls! We should all be so lucky! xoxo Carol

  3. Beautiful page i,m loving the rich colours of this,wonderful design



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