Digiscrap - Whitney Texas Open~

I used a Jessica Sprague template for this layout of Whitney and added the digital papers & embellishments from The Shabby Shoppe, Yours Truly kit to continue the *Serendipity* theme. I also found out through a source that Costco will print out 12x12s at a reasonable price. A smaller version of a 6x6 mini-photo album would be cute for friends & family.

This action photo of Whit is pretty cool - click on it to get a closer look! My sister says my photos are as good as the pros! ;) They aren't but we'll let her think that! I am working on technique and found out that the quality of these digital photos could have been improved, if I had selected "AF" on the back panel of my Canon Rebel XTi EOS. Prior to doing this, I used the *AUTOMATIC* setting and noticed the quality wasn't sharp. I am pretty sure it's better to chose "AF" with my zoom lense because even the preview photos look sharper. We'll see ...

Hope you are having a great 4th! I'm home relaxing and went for a swim today.





  1. It is a great photo. Now I am confused. This isnt your daughter is it? Your niece? I really like the way you are doing these. As for photography you do have an eye for it but that does not surprise me in the least. You are clever. i like your camera tips too. I think I need a grown up girls camera finally.

  2. @Lilly-O Hey Girl! Yes, this is my niece, Whitney - my sister's daughter. They came into town last week for the Texas Open. So, I got to visit Cheri, Tim and Whitney for a few days which was great! They also have a son, Josh, who attends OSU. Josh is a great tennis player too & just started teaching private lessons this summer. {Very athletic, energetic family!}


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