Digiscrap - Sassy Cousins~

My 1st online class @ Jessica Sprague {*JS*} was this morning! So informative and easy to follow. You should be a little familar with Photoshop CS. Her tutorials are self-paced, so you can take these courses whenever it's convenient for you. This particular class was a *Freebie*, but you have to watch her website to sign-up in time for them.

Don't you love the overlay and sentiment?! This collection is called House of 3. One of the class members changed up the colors of the frame and wordArt to red, black & white. Her photo was of her and 2 friends clothed in those tones. The effect was Perfecto! Very crisp & fun! Another favorite! Obviously, she's using advanced techniques!

This is the layout I did for Editing: Framing and Effects. I learned about the importance of sizing your photos prior to ordering. Additionally, setting the resolution on photographs to 300 pixels/inch. Most .png files {like wordArt, frames, etc...} are set at this which reduces and eliminates having to resize photos when working with them.

The photo I chose is a little dark, but the *Spirit* of these two *Sassy Cousins* is clear! Jessica has a magical way with kids. They adore her! Outside of Jenna's little crush on Mason, I do believe that Jessica is her favorite! I peeked at the *JS* gallery afterwards and came across a lot of ideas for photography. Much of capturing an emotion is the background of the photo. One example, an Autumn photo of 3 family members laying on the ground with their heads touching! The mom {photographer} took the photo from a ladder! Ultra-cool... She embarassed her entire family doing this but I am sure that they loved the end result - a professional-grade photo with a lovely sentiment. *AUTUMN* That was my favorite pick of the day!

Very anxious to see what *JS* has in store for us tomorrow!





  1. These are awesome!
    Very special photos too.

    Peace and Luv,


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