Digiscrap - A Little Birdie Told Me~

Another fun-loving digiscrap layout to add to the Serendipity 2009 summer album! This photo is a closeup of my beautiful & high-spirited niece, Whit! She placed 2nd at the tennis tournament this week! We are so proud of her achievements! She works extremely hard to improve her skills & also added a workout regimen with weight training. The last time I visited, she was getting up earlier than the rooster crows to work out! She makes playing tennis look effortless, however, I know better. I played a little for a few years, and my trainer used to love running me cross court for cardio. He'd lament me for the french fries I had eaten for lunch! The difference, I played to lose a few {a lotta} pounds, Whit will be playing soon at the collegiate level. GO WHIT!!!

NOTE TO SELF: No more french fries, cokes or chocolate chip cookies. Start playing tennis again



  1. Congratulations for your niece! My son is also a "number one" in sport!
    He plays rugby and does kite-surf. And I´m really proud of him!

    It´s good to be fit, but please, don´t forget about the little pleasures of life, that are also soooo important! Like a refreshing ice-cream in summer, a tasty pizza once a week while you watch your favourite film, or a delicious piece of cake with coffee while you chat with your friends...

  2. @Mermaid Lullaby Wow - Rugby is a tough sport - like football & soccer combined! You'll have to post some photos of him and his team! Maybe on his sister's blog? Congratulations on #1. Kit Surfing is also very rigorous!

    Hope you are enjoying your time off from work! I'm trying to learn more about Photoshop and photography ... it's been fun. Wonderful to learn new things. And I've been working out in the yard a bit, trying to keep our grass from drying up in this heat!

    Much Luv, Friend.



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