Digiscrap - Tennis Fans~

I've been having all sorts of fun with this digital scrapbook kit from The Shabby Shoppe!

It's perfect for a Summertime theme - relaxed, whimsical & friendly...

Now, on the tennis court, my bro-in-law, Tim, is pretty serious! I love this photo of him and my brother, Don. They look related! LOL! Must be that common thread - *Competitive Spirit* - that ties them here. Tim is a very talented tennis coach who has received awards in his region as top dog. His passion for the sport and drive for achievement are touchstones in his life. He has a large Catholic family who have great love for each other. Tim's father passed away all too recently and left a legacy of *Brotherhood* for his sons. They had rings made for each brother with the family insignia engraved on it. It's very cool! Their family {men only} go on a fishing trip each year, as tradition calls for. It's great to see that kind of comradery a large family can bring.

I remember one year, when the kids were quite young - let's see - back in 2000, we went to Banff, Canada for a weeks snow ski trip. Tim was sporting his signature goatee and I joked with him about it. There was a very passionate soap opera on the tele we were all watching and I started acting like I was the femme fatale and he was the smouldering love interest. The whole scene revolved around how much I *laahvvet* {loved} his goatee. Ya had to be there for sure! We were rolling as another of my alter-ego personalities came out! Growing up, I always watched "I Love Lucy", "Carol Burnett", & "Sony & Cher" it rubbed off...

Tim's also Irish {me too, & some French, German, & Slovac} - occasionally I'll talk to him in a thick Irish brogue. "Timmy-Me-Boy! Pass Me Tha Brrread" <--- roll tongue as you read this...

e has a wonderful way of bringing a family gathering to life! He makes everyone feel special and is constantly making jokes about everything & everyone! He has the warmest, most compassionate heart of all the men in our family. I wish our lives were not so busy with our kids sports, so we could all get together more often. I have a feeling he sometimes avoids our family holidays because we have a terrible habit of communicating EXACTLY how we feel. It can be a bit nerve racking at times! Unless you have the mental tenacity of someone like my husband, Marty, who just kinda goes with the flow. Marty will look at my Dad and quip, "Well ... they made it through 24 hours ..." That's what you get with three type-A female personalities who all have major anxiety! =:-O

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  1. Another wonderful post to read and the layout is great :)

  2. Oh I love what you are doing with the photos. Great designs and very creative. You are such a talented girl! And they do look like brothers. I love the Irish and the accent of course is to die for! Yes and I know what you mean about tense family gatherings. Ours have been known to explode on the odd occasion.


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