Digiscrap - Random Acts of Silliness~

So, the plan here is to do a Summer mini-photo album for my family. This series of photos continues at the tennis court! I started snapping random photos because we were literally penned-in behind fencing at the game. How can you photograph your kids playing tennis like that? And there was a gate but it was closed ... And, yes, I was contemplating opening it so I could get some good photographs of Whit.  Fortunately, I minded my manners and started photographing the gallery of fans!

My sister, Cheri, loves hamming it up & started *casually posing*, as I started snapping pics. She always looks so lithe and graceful in her photos without trying! Keep in mind there were about 5 other people in this 12x12 area that we did not know. This consisted of Whit's competitor's mom, dad and brother and the next court's family members. Cheri non-challantely acted silly and everyone was unaware, except our family of course, who started giggling at her!

Saturday she wore the COOLEST t-shirt and I gently hinted {told her I was gonna steal it} that I wanted one like it!





  1. Hi there, just popping in from Jessica Sprague's community forums. I saw your post on the hybrid scrapbooking group and wanted to introduce myself. :)

  2. That is such a great picture and I love what you have done with it! She sounds like fun!

  3. You are getting really good at this too girlie!! I haven't done any digiscrapping in quite some time. You need to sign up at scrapgirls.com and they will send you a freebie everyday to your email. Sometimes it's background papers, sometimes embelishments. I don't keep all of them, but free is good!!

    Peace and Luv,

  4. @Heather Thanks, Heather! Your photography is stunning - loved your website!

    @Lilly Cheri is a lot of fun, as long as she isn't PMSing {heehee}

    @Jeannie I'll check them out and sign-up. I've heard of them.


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