Digiscrap: Spring Break~

I'm still rockin' over at Jessica Sprague and her playground of digital fun! The techniques she has outlined are terrific & really impact the emotion of photos that would have otherwise been good but not GREAT.

This particular photo was selected for the *Photo Burn* technique which gives photos that hand developed look by darkening edges and pulling the central focal point forward. I wanted to highlight Mason {of course}, the beautiful reflection of the water, as well as the fishing rod & line. So, I pulled the black off these items by doing the technique.

We also touched on *Typography* which can add emotion & sentiment too! I decided to use Spring Break, but was toying around with Spider Creek. I preferred the two-part sentiment of Springtime & Springbreak, and taking a fishing "break". People can get so crafty & creative with their phrasing. It's as interesting as the photos themselves. I've enjoyed peering through the Gallery and peeking at what my online classmates are doing.

Additionally, I added the rounded frame and a texture. I could have gone with a heavier texture but liked the photo as is & went a bit more simple with this.

Texas is hot as fire right now. A cold front of 80s or low-90s would be nice! Hope you all are stayin' *cool* ...





  1. Your final result with this photo is absolutely stunning!!! This would make an amazing poster! It so reminds me of those motivational posters you see in sales offices. So professional looking! You are doing an amazing job! Love the new pic of you too! Best, Curt

  2. Hi ... a visitor from JS.com ... what a great picture. I love it!
    Barbara (GrantandLaurensMom)


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