Digiscrap - Jessi~

Jessica Sprague had us work on Textures in this tutorial. Looks like Jessi could be on the cover of a country western CD! Jessi isn't fond of this photo because she was seriously upset with me making her get dressed up for a photo session. Anyone who knows Jessi can tell that she is miffed at me! So, I added a bit of a smile to offset her smirk! Regardless, I thought the textured background and head shot would be a good subject for this tutorial.

The textured backgrounds and frames *JS* provides are really awesome! She has great sources and wonderful ideas. Her class will definitely change the way I think and orchestrate photography & digital layouts.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!





  1. Pure gorgeousness - you are getting sooooo good at this stuff!

    Peace and Luv,

  2. Jessi is a truly beautiful lass...smile or no smile, she has that inner thing that is shining on thru! Hun, I just popped by to have a little nosey and have been here nearly an hour LOL...I just love your work, truly inspirational...and thank you SO much for your lovely comments on my Blog...you are so kind...thought I would let you know that both hands work for typing now :O)) Yippeeeee....hugs xx


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