Digiscrap - Energy~

Day 2 of Jessica Sprague's {*JS*}Photo Editing: Frame-ups and Special Effects was about *Brushes*. Brushes are not one-dimensional; they also come in the form of stamps like the frame around the sentiment *Energy*. For Mason's photo, I started out with a subtle black and sand color scheme. On the WordArt, options for drop shadow & outer glow were chosen. I think it's cool how the shadowing effects play off of his own shadow in the sand!

To contrast a bit more, I took the same project cropping out the greenery in the corner & brightening the theme with a black border and salmon sentiment. Very different feeling from the 1st version. If you'd like, cast your vote & let me know which one you prefer. I could see adding on other effects as well. But for now, I'm just following the game plan!
By the way, Mason shot under par for the 1st time today & placed as 3rd Medalist for one of NTPGA Jr. Golf tournys! He & I were just talking about his desire to play under par the other night, after a dissapointing few rounds. I told him he had the natural ability, he was learning technique & concepts about golf and it would take a little time for it all to start merging together. "Be patient, Mason. It will happen..." AND IT DID! I am so happy for him! Chect out his expression in this this photo as he is jumping into the sand trap! The sentiment *ENERGY* is definitely what Mason is all about.





  1. Hey Kiddo! I don't think I have a fav. I think both of them have merit on their own. I love them both equally. This is a beautiful photo, and you must be so proud of him! Yea Mason! You go boy! By the way, I've added a link to you on my blog. This is the list that I visit regularly so I won't "forget" to come by and see you! Just for interesting info, do you know what your word verification was for me to post this? "drive". How cool is that? Best, Curt

  2. @Curt Okay, so we havta have some kinda cosmic karma goin on! That is just too cool!


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