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This layout revolves around a photo of my natural father given to me by my newly-found step sister, Nicky. He and I saw each other very rarely during my childhood and, regrettably, never had a conversation in my adult life. Interestingly, in a phone conversation with her earlier this year, we learned that we both coined him *DADDIO*.

Out of love & respect for my Dad, the wonderful man who raised me, I didn't feel comfortable calling my natural father "dad", nor have I ever been comfortable calling him by his name, "Al". Just saying the words "natural father" are awkward when speaking of him to friends & family. His name, "Al", invokes a negative vibe because my mom's family was not too happy about his relationship with her. But one afternoon, while waiting in line at McDonald's, I shouted out a little prayer to him, like "Daddio?! I could use a little help down here!" {It was a stressful day!} That evening, she and I were talking & I told her about this. She burst out laughing & said, "That's what I call him too!" It stuck. It seemed right - for him. He even looks like a Daddio!

To be quite honest, in case you didn't catch the vibe in his photo, he was a bit of a hell raiser. He was loyal to his friends, didn't take flack from anyone & liked liquor. My mother has always told me that he enjoyed dressing up. Remember the 60s, the days of Frank Sinatra? Top coats & hats were big time. It wasn't uncommon for his friends to call him up in the middle of the night, when they needed back-up at the local pub, to help them take care of a squabble. He'd clean house, basically. Pretty much with little help from his buddies. So, yea, he was rough. There's still so much more I need to learn & understand about him. Since I am never one to back down from conflict & have always been outspoken, I have a general understanding about his tough side. Other aspects of his life, I don't agree with or feel comfortable about. But inside of him, I know there was a soft, compassionate heart protected by a firey, compulsive personality. An Irish rogue of sorts, a tough guy ... Someone who was very strong physically, yet battled his personal weaknesses. I want to journal something on this page but I've left it open because I need to understand more about him.

Nicky will be visiting us soon & I cannot wait to see her. We have a lot in common, especially emotionally. We speak the same language and had an instant understanding of each other. This is special because having a deep understanding of someone can sometimes be elusive, even after years of friendship or a relationship. We both enjoy writing & gardening. She has a masters in Education which I am so proud of her for. There's much more but I'll save it for later.

All I know is that *DADDIO* is getting a kick out of her and I getting to know each other. I can imagine him laughing - take a look at his photo - can't you?





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