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Day 3 & 4 of Jessica Sprague's Photo Editing: Frame-ups & Special Effects focused on Hand-Tinting and Photo Masks. I am so loving this workshop and all the tutorials. Very simple, yes. That's what I *luv* about *JS*! She has a way of teaching so precisely that it is easy to grasp the concepts. I've watched other tutorials on You Tube, etc. & I can say that, for whatever reason, I get her - totally & find it easy to follow her pace. That's not to say that I never hit rewind or stop the video clip to refocus on menus, menu options & document/work space set-ups, I do! She just has a way of taking a very complex software program & can guide you to quick-n-easy results! Hmm ... testimonial here?! Yeah, she's *GUD*.

Now, in her tutorial she opted to put rosey cheeks on her little angel. I wanted to play up Jacqueline's eyes in her photo. You can see pure joy & happiness illuminating out of them! And their clothing was perfect for a sepia-toned project. I could have pulled her eye color {green} in better and know there are other methods of bring the eyes out. But I have not perfected using the magic lasso or quick selection tools. Additionally, I wanted to pull out the greenery a touch more in the background. So, you can see that these small steps push you forward to think and want to learn more techniques in touching up your photographs. A good tip is to use color in 3's - whether decorating or doing scrapbook layouts. In this case: her eyes, the ornamental object & trees.

The purpose what to create a sepia toned photograph with a hand-tinted look. The photo is supposed to have a very subtle effect from the hand tinting. I didn't want her eyes to appear like they were glowing green but to have them be the touch of color accent in this.

The 4th tutorial touched on photo masks. This particular mask {see the tattered edges of the photo} can be used on so many types of photos. It's a bit grungy but doesn't overwhelm the photo.
And, naturally, since I love the antique look, I used a *Brush* {kinda like using stamps} that I found through one of the websites *JS* suggested at Brusheezy! This ornamental with a center oval is perfect in the corner. I *brushed* only a portion of the ornamental to give it a bit of an edgy look. Colored it in an earthy green, then added a few effects to it. Then, to top off that area, added *D & J* to personalize it in Gothic 57 font.

I cannot wait to show Jacqueline! I know she'll love it! One of her best friend's is engaged and needs help with her wedding. I mentioned to Jacq that I'd help her a bit. So, these tutorials will really come in handy for wedding photos! I'll find out what she needs help with & will post more here. I told Jacq that we'll have to grab some wedding mags, blogs & HGTV shows to get some awesome ideas.
Also, as a side note - Mason shot under par again and placed 2nd @ 69! We thought for sure that he had it in the bag at 1st place but he was robbed! The golfer beat him by one stroke 68 and also won the tourny. It was difficult for Mason to miss 1st place when everything went so flawlessly in his round. The player that beat him is an exceptional golfer and I wouldn't be surprised if he winds up playing professionally. I haven't seen this particular player play golf yet and I'd like to compare their styles. Just wondering how long he's played. Mason's only played for 2 years. Based on his interaction with Mason yesterday, I have a feeling that he is underestimating Mas. And I'm not saying that as a mom, I'm saying that as a *retired athlete*. {SMILE} I read the body language as they spoke after the match. I saw a hint of dismissal in his posture after Mas told him he had a bad round in San Antonio. Interesting that kids at the age of 16 are already sizing each other up like that. That's life! And the interaction with other parents is VERY interesting as well ... It's like high school all over again! W-O-W. No wonder I'm not planning on attending my 30th! Such the renegade I am!

Okay! Hope you are having a great week and enjoying these photos of the Summer!





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