Digiscrap - GiGi, My Delicate Flower~

After ordering a few digital scrapbook kits from Jessica Sprague this morning. I began flitting around like a butterfly: from web image searches, to designing the altered art *Wish Box* mini-layouts, to digital tutorials, to uploading photos from my camera, to ...

Finding this sweet digital photo taken of GiGi during the Spring! The original plan was to blog about Spring gardening and include this photo of her along with my blossoming rose bushes, however, very little gardening outside of maintenance was done this year. I simply ran out and purchased some geraniums & asparagus fern for a few urns & pots! Why so stingy on the flowers, you ask? The Texas heat will fry anything that I keep in a pot - even hardy geraniums and asparagus fern! If any of you Texas readers have some suggestions on how to make maintaining pots of flowers easier, please leave me a comment! Now, my British neighbor, Norma, is a natural green thumb. When I want to enjoy lavish containers of flora and abundant blossoms of rose, I visit her and sit on her beautiful deck! For now, I am making a concerted effort to keep these plants alive. So, today gardening consisted of watering them and moving these potted plants off the pool deck & onto the back porch for filtered light! Cross your fingers that my geraniums croak their way back to perkiness! Maybe next year, the garden oasis I've always dreamed of ...

Anyway, anxious to do some digital layouts, I tried a grunge frame & simple phrasing, this photo of GiGi was pretty cute & a bit different!

My little dog, yes, I must say ... I never expected her to be my constant companion - day & nite. I was thinking yesterday that I am so happy I followed my *whim* to buy another dog. She seems to need the same thing that I do! Cuddling! I've posted before that I nicknamed her my *Snuggly Buggly* and that is so TRUE! Every night she'll lay close to me. I've grown so used to her being there, that if I decide to kennel her at bedtime, I miss her! My other dogs will lay beside me or at the foot of the bed.

For GiGi, it's status quo to wrap my hand around her at nite holding her. The weight of her is almost always against me. When I brought her home from the pet store, she was quite ill, underweight & tiny. So sick, that we took her with us while traveling to see relatives. I kept a watchful eye over her & always had her with me. Even as this tiny little puppy, she'd lay close to me. So, she is truly *My Delicate Flower*. Hard to believe there is something even more fragile than her. And I loved how she gently nuzzled into the clover and yellow ... um ... weeds. LOL! At least I can laugh at my gardening skills! You guys are lucky with the moderate gardening zones! But just you wait until Winter and we will see who is laughing at who!!!

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  1. Lovely flower and nice photo! Gigi seems to be so delicate as the little yellow flowers...
    Un beso.

  2. What a darling pic of GiGi. I miss my little Dixie so much some days I can hardly stand it. I'm so glad you have a little cuddle companion. They truly are part of the family.

    I have done a little bit of digital photography, and would like to get into it more some time. I'll have to spend more time on her website.

    Peace and Luv,


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