Digiscrap - My Heart Belongs To My Dad~

Summer has definitely struck Texas full blast! A few years ago, my brother traded in his ski boat for a swimming pool. We enjoy heading over to Don's to visit, listen to music, drink margaritas and watch the kids swim. Occasionally, the adults will join in and relax in the hot tub.

This is a photo of my brother and my niece, Jenna. Jenna is the *FLYER* for her cheerleading team which means that she is the one who winds up on the top of the pyramids! And that she has GOOD BALANCE! It's not surprising to me at all, watching her on the trampoline doing double back springs and all kinds of flips! Both, my sister and brother, were very carefree about climbing, diving and skiing. I was good at coaching it from the sidelines. Always the encourager for friends! So, Jenna is a great dancer, cheerleader and gymnist! I love watching videos of her during their competitions, as they hold position and wobble their hair-dos! So adorable!

This particular evening, was after my niece's tennis tournament. My brother took my sister, Cheri, and I out four-wheeling around the nearby lake. Could you all hear me screaming? I'll be scrapping the *Before* photo of us in the 4-wheeler. It's pretty funny! But first, a story ....

My brother and sister-in-law have an English Bulldog named *CRUSH*. I used to tease them and call him *SMASH* because his face, well, it looks smashed! And this photo is not of him, his underbite is so predominate that it juts way, way out!

We were all relaxing, kids playing, drinking our margos, and Don starts talking about when the pool construction was complete, he decided to take Crush swimming. Now, ya gotta know my brother! Hmmm ... how can I explain him ... He's very tall, thin, strong and has a very boyish, playful personality. He'll wrestle the kids and throw them around in the pool, challenge them to basketball, kickball, trampoline {whatever!} He is always up for fun. On the other hand, he's accomplished and very much *ALL BUSINESS*. And he also enjoys skiing, 4-wheeling, computers, electronics & refurbishing cars from the engine out! So, his garage is decked out with major tools and this ultra-cool tool cabinet that even I am impressed with! It has a radio and refrigerator in it! Yea ... so, he's all *Duuude*! His personality is definitely extremely *COMPULSIVE* -- You'd have to be to have the patience to rebuild antique cars!

So, sometimes he'll play with his dog, Crush. And then, don't forget, there was this pool he built. And, naturally, he HAD to take Crush for a swim. But does my brother do it the conventional way? Like -- wade out into the pool and hold the dog till he is comfortable, teaching him to swim to the side step? No ... he kinda tosses this GREAT, BIG, SWEETHEART OF A DOG WITH THE SMASHED FACE, into the pool! He says for some reason, he thought all dogs knew how to automatically dog paddle!

Well ....

After standing there a few seconds, he realizes that Crush is SINKING DOWN INTO THE POOL~! No! The dog is not even ATTEMPTING to dog paddle! Our Crush is looking up at Don, as he sinks down to the bottom, EYES WIDE OPEN! And Donnie thinks, "Oh Sh*t!!* and frantically begins shedding clothing, watch, cell phone, shoes off as quickly as possible to jump in and save Crush!!!! And the way he described the whole scenario was like he was reliving it! He was scared all over again and mimicking dog paddling and stripping down!

We all just laughed our guts out! It was so hilarious! Because rarely will I see my brother freaked out about anything. He's usually like, "whatever ...." So, to imagine him with his eyes flung open and Crush standing on the bottom of the pool looking up --- Quite the picture!

Crush survived ... :o)

Hope you are enjoying your week. My plan is to work on a digital Summer Photo Album for my family. I've already learned some new things about Photoshop which is fun. Please drop me a line and let me know what you are up to. I love hearing from all of you!





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