Altered Art - Wish Box~

{*WISH BOX* Exterior}

A few weeks ago, while looking for vintage photos, I came across a lovely tennis player with lots of confidence & attitude. Since my niece, Whit, is a nationally ranked tennis player & recently received a college tennis scholarship, this image seemed perfect for her! And what an inspiration it was, propelling ideas for each vignette of this *WISH BOX*!

{*WISH BOX* Interior}

{*Wish Box* - Back}

I thought "Wow! Wouldn't she be cute on the back of the box floating on top of this cool Basic Grey paper! My niece adored the whole thing, savoring each miniature section while I explained what the box signified to me personally, for her. She told me she couldn't decided if she should hang it up on a wall or put it on her dresser! I should really print out a poster of this, so she doesn't feel the need to choose! I've had the tape measure ribbon for a few months & haven waiting for the perfect project to use it on. I like this with the theme of *sizing up the competition!* & *challenging the opponent* ...

Whit is highly competitive and vocal on the tennis court. She is quick, tenacious & smart changing up her play and momentum to throw off her opponent. She's not shy about calling players out on court etiquette or questionable rule violations. She's also a very good sport, when it comes to complimenting a good play. So, whoever plays her needs to know that they really need to be on their toes and best game. Her success keeps her rising up in the ranks!

I had started out making this collage to place inside, but the design wasn't working itself out. The tag was covering too much of the base paper. But since it was so cute, I decided to make it into a *Mini-book Marker*. My niece has always worn earthy, bright bracelets, that are very textured yet petite. So, I thought this yarn kind of mirrored that particular way she expresses herself. The accent *peace sign heart* and *cross* also play up to her vibrant personality & deep Catholic faith.

I had a lot of catching up to do as her Aunt & Godmother and wanted to show her my love and congratulations on her tennis scholarship. My nieces and nephews have all grown up! I loved watching her win two matches this weekend! BLISS~

The back of it is simple, with a "W", flower & sequin, and accent stripes added.

She loved it as much as the box!

The box was painted in two tones of orange and sage green, then antiqued and sealed with sealer. The image/papers were sealed with decoupage.

I used a really cute ribbon all around the bottom edge which added some dimension, texture and interest. You can see this detail in the photo above with the tape measure ribbon. Looks great!

Here are closeups of the 4 collage mini-vignettes! Aren't they adorable & sweet!!! I had the best time creating these and put a lot of thought into how they played off each other.

*Whispering Hope* {My wish for continued success}

*Some Day*
{Her t
ennis days as a toddler}

*Princess* {Growing up as a little girl, a special Princess}

*Young Woman Tennis Player in Hat* {Tennis Success!}

Hope you all enjoy & are having a great weekend!





  1. @Kris Thank you Kris ... I'm learning! ;)

    {hugs} Juls~

  2. Talk about selling things!! You need to sell these on etsy. Seriously!

    Where did you get the peace sign heart charm???!!!! I want some!!

    Peace and Luv,

  3. @Jeannie Hey girl, I got the charms @ JoAnn Fabrics. They have a jewelry making section :-)


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