Altered Art - Journal of Birds & Gardening~

Le Journal d'Oiseaux & Le Jardinage

The kiss of the sun for pardon,
The song of the birds for mirth,

One is nearer God's heart in a garden

Than anywhere else on earth.

Dorothy Frances Gurney, "Garden Thoughts"

I love this set of Basic Grey's papers and have used them on a few other scrapbook projects as well. They are so beautiful that I am always anxious about covering them up. I did manage to layer the inside cover, but the top page is *as-is* with an antiquey key hole I printed and glued on top. The inside cover turned out being a favorite, I hand-trimmed sections of patterns to overlay on the damask print. Mechanically, I would have done a few things differently from the standpoint of metal embellishments and layering. Since I had already cut and pasted in the interior covers, I would not have been able to hide the backs of brads. This is a consideration when you want to use brads.

he back interior page is very simple with a card-style motif. I chose to mat with several layers of papers and printed the poem noted above.
The photograph does not do some of these pages justice! You can also use this space to journal a note to a friend or loved one, when making journals as gifts.

he back page stands on its own. I love the antiquey stamping and subdued color pallete. For the college-ruled pages, I stamped alternating location and used several different stamps to visually change-up and make journaling a little more interesting for the writer.

For those of you who would rather journal on the computer, like me, similar journals can be used for many other u
ses when the computer is not handy such as daily to-do lists, on-going large projects, note taking, bird watching, travel and/or gardening combos, telephone message lists, etc. The telephone message pad comes in handy to write notes to family about calls or leaving messages. You could also use something like this as a grocery store list. It's pretty and can sit out on a counter. Or when you'd rather curl up at night with desert and use pen and paper, use it as an Inspiration Journal. You can doodle, quote Scriptures, reflect, record family memories, or write about the latest heart break, heart throb or office politics! Perhaps you bring out your inner-diva and plan your next romantic encounter - step-by-step! Over the years, I've had gardening journals and would record the various types of flowers being planted each Spring. I'd also include snapshots of Spring's bursting forth or random photos I thought were cool. There, I'd also reflect on my children and their sweet expressions. I've written lyrics for musics, poetry or feelings about life. Journaling can help you create a picture of success or calculate the next phase of your life through written imagery and expression. It can help you sort through life and gauge what is truly important. They say that you can't understand life looking forward, only backward, but you must move forward to get through life! I do believe you can get to the understanding of it much quicker through journaling. And creating those all necessary lists, as some of us age, help us keep balance through the daily tasks of life.

There is much to be said for the lost ART OF WRITING. The beautiful transcripts of gorgeous penmanship that was so artfully and carefully scribed. Penmanship was one of my favorite classes and I took a lot of pride in perfecting it. I've enjoyed watching my written words change in appearance, just as the phases of my life do.




  1. This is a beautiful journal just beautiful. I was only thinking about journals today. I have so many of them for all sorts of things. I write lots of lists for different aspects of my life which I always do with pen on paper. Somehow crossing off items is much more rewarding then just deleting them off the computer. Hope you have a lovely weekend and the sun is shining in your part of the world.

  2. Juls I love basic grey their papers are wonderful!
    And you have created masterpieces with them it is hard to say which is my favorite!
    I love your take on the word verification words. I may have to steal the word and definiton from you for some of my upcoming work but I will give you credit:)

  3. @Lilly Oh! I'd love to read your very personal, secret journals, Girlfriend! The weather here in Texas is absolutely GORGEOUS. I wish it would stay like this for months! Yesterday morning was so pleasant, I took my coffee outside on the back porch and chatted with my son. I should post some of the sunsets I see here throughout the season too. {on coffee buzz right now, Lils ...} Come visit us anytime!

    {xoxo} Juls~

  4. @Becky Me too, Becky! You are welcome to use the word and definition!!! It was YOUR idea! Loved it ... I'll have to tell Lilly {above}, she'd come up with all kinds of stories.

    I'm working on another smaller journal for a friend of mine. Hopefully, I'll finish it today!

    Love Your Blog! Come back and visit me!!!

    {xoxo} Juls~

  5. Juls how neat that we really live that close. I haven't been to Tulsa in a year or so.

    I really love your word verification definitions they make me laugh. Just to funny!

    Have a magical weekend.

  6. Juls~ ...your journal is gorgeous. I also love those papers. I love anything Basic Grey, lol.

    p.s. Just sent you an email :) Have a good one.

  7. I've tried a few times, but have never kept up with journaling. I wish I had tho and to be able to do so in a beautiful piece of work like this would give much inspiration! Beauitul job!

    Peace and Luv,


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