InSights: My Doggie-Dogs~

Here they are! My little *Doggie-Dogs*! Are they not adorable?! This photo was taken back in March, after about 50 tries. From left to right, Georgie, GiGi, Chief and Poco (short for Pocohantas).

Chief was the 1st of the batch. He is such a loyal, sweet dog. Since he was attacked by a Great Pyrenese I tried to adopt a few years ago, he has been suffering from bouts of severe pain. I am guessing his spine or ribs since he is tender to the touch. There were a few days this month that were very bad. I have to dose him with pain medication until it subsides. Typically, the attack lasts for a day, but it was two days over Memorial Day holiday, no less. Next time, there will be a visit to the vet. I'm guessing that there won't be much they can do for him. My thought is that a surgery could make the problem potentially worse, if it's his spine. Could be his rib gets a little disjointed too because he had a few displaced and one was particularly bad.

Poco was the next *baby* I brought home with me. My daughter, Jessi, and I went to Petsmart. I adore the Maltese breed and she seemed a bit sickly, but sweet as ever and I had to get her out of there. She is the protector and will come between dogs gritching at each other. Chief and Poco had two adorable batches of puppies. I wanted my kids to enjoy the experience of the whole puppy thing, as I really enjoyed the kitten and puppy litters my pets had growing up. As their puppies grew a little older, I'd keep them in a baby pen and put it in my son's room. So, Mason quickly learned that if he moved a muscle they'd all start yipping at him! One late evening, he woke up and had to use the restroom. He laid very still and opened his eyes to see what they were doing. There they were, all 4 closely standing up in a row facing him with their paws against the netting. Cute white balls of fur with wide brown eyes and button noses just w-a-i-t-i-n-g .... He tried to move extremely slowly thinking he could sneak out of bed. No way. They were on to him and launched into a jumping, yipping free for all!!! "Let Us Out!!! Play With Us!!!" :D~

Don't ask me why but after Buddy didn't work out, I still wanted another *baby*. So, back to Petsmart. This time I was looking for a Papillon because a client of mine had two reeaally cute ones. I fell instantly in love with her little female and could have taken her home with me. GiGi was taken out and the salesman noticed that she loved being in my arms. I noticed it too! Have I told this story before??? Anyway, she is truly my little snuggly-buggly baby. Where ever I am, they all want to be. Much of the time, they are in my office patiently watching me do my thang.

After my eyelid surgery, I wanted a tri-colored Papillon male. For some reason, I was considering showing and breeding! I searched for two full days and did not even shower looking online for a cute boy. Finally, I found a male with pretty markings and a handsome face. Jessica and I drove to Oklahoma City and picked him up from the breeder. He has the warmest little paws and hugs with his front legs! When we were driving home, he stood on my lap and put his head on my shoulder. He's a little lover boy and is a sweet little dog. Chief picks on him a lot and he let's Chief be boss. I think it's time for Chief to be neutered! Georgie is smart as a whip. I can easily say that he is the smartest dog I have ever had.

Papillons are extremely agile and quick! Very, very smart and easy to train. If you are looking for a great lap dog, they are an excellent choice. Papillons do shed a little but are easy to groom. Maltese do not shed and are great for most people with allergies but do require either a lot of brushing or cuts. Papillons are from the Spaniel breed. Originally, their ears dropped (Phalene type), now they are commonly erect. The Papillon is gaining popularity each year. They have my vote!

Hope you enjoy this pic. I did work on an Altered Art Project today and will take pictures and post it tomorrow! Think you all are gonna *luv* it!!!

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  1. OMG how precious are they!!! I love all their little faces. What a great picture of all of them together. Our next door neighbors had two Paps and they are both black and white. They are cute as they can be. They have such a distinctive high pitch bark which is such a contrast to my boy's low baritone bark LOL. Thanks for sharing this! Best, Curt

  2. Oh how cute they are! And all posing for the camera - that had to be hard to do. You had eyelid surgery? Have you mentioned that on your blog? I am now curious!


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