InSights: Golf Banquet Slide Show~

Hi Everyone! I haven't posted since Easter and, well, the Easter music is really starting to annoy me! Time to update the Playlist, photos and begin working on some projects.

My son's golf coach asked me to put together a slide show presentation for the boys and girls team banquet which was Wednesday night! So, I've been in a diligently obsessive mode learning Photoshop CS3, as well as PowerPoint 2007 for the past few weeks. Beginning with photographing the kids at tournys, setting up mini-photo shoots, scouring through a few thousand photos {most of which I took}, assembling them into some kind of order, sampling 100s of songs to find the right tunes for the right mood of photos and combining everything together to celebrate this wonderful group of high school golfers that have accomplished so much this year! What an honor and privilege. You can't help but fall in love with each of them and wish them the very best that life has to offer.

The parents were very complimentary and the presentation was well-received. I was an absolute nervous wreck that day! I'd put photos together for my daughter's college soccer team but not photos with music. This was the golf teams 1st banquet and my hope was to show the team and their parents how special these kids are and display their talent in a creative way. They definitely have the ability and potential to become #1. Most of the boys are Sophomores, so I feel that they will rise to the top over the next few years.

Our girls team ranked #1 in District with several individual players ranking high and one senior member ranked #1 in District. My son, Mason, was voted MVP by his team, placed 3rd in District with an overall 2nd highest score missing the 1st place tie by only one stroke! If he hadn't *blown up* on one hole and mis-putt, he would have gone to the playoffs to break the 1st place tie. He has beaten the boy who won 1st twice. I am so proud of him! He's emotional yet *cool* in high pressure situations, especially for a Soph. If that makes any sense at all ... sometimes Marty and I would have to walk away for a few holes for him {and us} to settle down and allow him to get his head back into the game. It is such a mental game and this will improve as he gets older {I hope}! ha!

As perfect as I tried to make it, I printed Wildcat on my presentation flyer 8 times instead of Wildcats!!! Even though I had the dang logo printed on it! This is such a *Julie-thing*, only I could make such an obvious mistake and not realize it! It's like when I shouted *GO TIGERS!!!!* at his soccer game instead of *WILDCATS!*. My husband didn't tell me until like the 3rd time I shouted this with tons of parents all clustered together. After he told me, I asked the crowd, "Why didn't you all tell me!!" and they all laughed. Then I said, "You'd think I'd know that considering my daughter has attended this school for two years already! How embarassing!!!" And I am SURE it won't be the last time I do or say something so silly. I'm not sure I can blame this on middle-age, I've always been a bit air-headish about certain things and extremely detailed about others! Takes all kinds of people to make the world go round, right!? Also, I didn't recognize the technician who ran the program at banquet for us. He is my daughter's roommate's boyfriend! He told her that I looked at him like I kind of recognized him but couldn't put my finger on it! Another Julie-thing. LOL! This is genetic so I don't take responsibility for it!!! LOL!

I really enjoyed the process of doing this and am thinking about my career options. There are so many areas that I'm interested in, I have a hard time deciding which direction to take it. I've set up a client meeting for Monday for interior decorating, so perhaps that will get me back in the swing of things. I've also considered contracting for admin in some type of creative arena that deals with graphics and presentations but not sure what types of companies that would entail. I know that I work much better on my own but there are times that I get a little lonely and miss having co-workers. I enjoyed having an office manager, Sue, who was such a wonderful person! We'd have our coffee talk and I could always rely on her to follow-up and handle things professionally. I'd take her with me on client consultations and she was always supportive and kind to clients. A one of a kind person that I miss. She moved out of state due to her hubby's job! They are a great couple! First rate!

So, my mind is set in motion - what's the next phase of my life. I've enjoyed taking some time off and feel it was a blessing to do this little project for my son's golf team. I hope it will inspire the kid's parents to go to more tournys or attend a few to support their kids efforts and appreciate the hard work. I thought golf was a sissy-sport, uhm, no, watching the boys play 36 holes lugging their golf bags, keeping their mental game sharp, strategizing the next shot, coming back from tough situations like the rough, sand, woods or water, really educated me about how tenacious and strong these kids are. But also, it's a beautiful sport. So many of these golf courses are jaw droppingly gorgeous. It makes me want to take a photography course just so I can capture the instant images of beauty. I am so glad that I didn't miss out. That I stopped working to focus on family for a while and captured some glorious and also small lovely moments that make the heart warm...



  1. You are very special and I luv visiting your blog, so I've left you an award on my blog.

    Peace and Luv,

  2. Hey Kiddo! Loved that you stopped by my blog! I've been missing in action too as you know, but I'm getting back into the swing of things! Loved reading about the "kids" and all that you've been doing! I know whatever you do you will be great! Please keep us posted! Best, Curt

  3. Hello stranger, what a great post. Congrats on the presentation, it sounded wonderful and cannot have been easy. I am like you, detailed in some things and not so much in others, Sounds like you are raring to go and changes are happening. Its great, take care


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