InSights: It's all make believe isn't it?~

This is exactly what I look like and how I feel after drinking my husband's scotch!

And this is why I am drinking scotch now, instead of wine ...

Okay, read my daughter's boyfriend's t-shirt. Note that this picture was taken in late Spring and not Winter. I wonder if this t-shirt was worn just to annoy blondie-girl's mother! At least their tops color coordinate ...
I recall family folklore, handed down to me from my mom about her mom, Grandma, giving one of her sister's boyfriend's hell {my uncle now} for having longish hair. I can totally see my Grandma greeting this college kid at her front door who is anxiously gathering up the courage to meet my aunt's family, and the first words out of her mouth are that he really needs a haircut! This story was repeated, over and over and over, in front of my aunt and uncle. Each time, I remember looking at my uncle in a puzzled way. I could not imagine him with hippy hair! We all knew Grandma was tough. She'd yell at us from the porch, hands on hips, "Hey You Guys! Stop That!!! Whatever instance transpiring between cousins - usually with my sister and brother's involvement. I was always the angel.

In this particular case, year 2009, I walk into my daughter's boyfriend's apartment, look around and immediately begin figuring out ways to rearrange furniture, planning future shopping outings, as well as consider buying a vacuum for him and his roommate. The hat was not really as noticeable to me as the boxes of electronics piled up along the living room and hallway walls {hmmm ... he takes after my father and brother in that regard}.

So, here's the deal -- times have changed and I have more wrinkles. I should be wise by now ... But what do you do if you can't see the hair??? Do you politely ask that the hat be removed so you can take a peek??? Tell him that this isn't church. Or do you ask if he is chilly and needs a sweater?

Well, perhaps the dishes overflowing in the kitchen sink caught my eye, so I didn't really notice the hat that much. Plus, my son used to be a skateboarder. So, it could just be that I am hipper than I give myself credit for and cool with fashion trends. This is a verrrrrry watered-down version of the, uhm, encounter .... He may refer to it slightly differently. Yeah, like *showdown*. Thus, the scotch!!!



  1. Oh you funny thing you. Aren't we all the same we just cannot help ourselves. Dare I say it? We turn into our mothers!! Oh the boyfriends my daughter has had over the years - mmm. But they are our babies no matter how old they get, we want the best for them. Read my post even my father is still trying to arrange my lovelife and I am middle aged! As for my daughter I dont get to meet a boyfriend until they are just about to announce an engagement , he he. Love this post. And first thing I did was to read his tshirt oops!! What is under the hat?

  2. @Lilly-luv ... I have no idea what his hair looks like! I'm wondering if he is balding ... I'll have to ask Jessica what kind of *doo* he is sporting! The 3X I've seen him, he is topped off with a cap!

    My parents still *offer* their advice as well ...

    Great to hear from you, Lilly! Your posts have been hilarious!

    {xoxo} Juls~

  3. I don't have kids of my own, but I feel the same way about my nieces and nephews. I somehow understand how my dad felt when I brought guys home and he hated all of them. There just will never be anybody good enough for your own. I'm glad you can laugh about it and it's good that you're writing about it too. It's good therapy! Thanks for all of your kind words, it's good to hear from you!

    Peace and much Luv,

  4. Hi Juls! Thank you for the sweet coment on my blog! I am so happy to meet you! I LOVE your blog......funny and true!!! I can relate girl! Thanks for stoping by, and I will stop by and visit often!
    HAPPY DAY!!!


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