Blog Award: Honest Scrap~

Okay, it's Friday nite! I have been in cleaning mode the past few days -- you know when everything in your kitchen sparkles and you don't want anyone to leave a dish out or even the tiniest, little crumb! So, I decided to unwind, jump online, and saw that my blogger-bud, Jeannie of Dragonfly Journeys has listed me as a recipient of the Honest Scrap Award! Thank you, GF!

I have to follow the rules tho, which are:

1) I must thank the person who gave me the award and list their blog and link.

SO!!! Jeannie, you totally rock and I actually think you are more obsessive than I am {purely becoz you crank out beaucoups of cards every phreakin' day}! And you amaze me at how industrious you are!!!!!! ;)

2) I must list 10 honest things about myself so here goes.... {NOTE: will not be listing weight}

1. I cuss - a lot. Is it New Year's yet???
2. I smile - a lot. Considering how much I cuss, it's pretty amazing.
3. I am smiling now.
4. I love my little pack of doggie-dogs; more than my children at the moment. ;) hmmm ... good material for upcoming posts...
5. Age doesn't concern me as much as my tummy does ....
6. I am getting to know my half-sister, Nicky, and my Aunt Debbie and finally understand why I am the way I am! LOL!
7. I still dream about my Grandparent's Michigan lake house and hunting minnows.
8. No, I'm not controlling, just obsessive, just do what I say and no one will get hurt!
9. I enjoy helping others.
10. I love God and nature.

3) I must put a copy of The Honest Scrap Logo on my blog.

4) I must select at least 7 other worthy bloggers & list their links.

Hmmm ... There are so many wonderful bloggers that I've been following. Very talented artists and writers that blow me away sometimes!

Dragonfly Journeys I must list Jeannie 1st and *re-award* her {u don't have to repost, Jeannie!} She was one of the very 1st bloggers I started following. I've written about Jeannie before. She is a very compassionate, caring person. She is also a very talented cardmaker and has a passion for creating them almost daily. She uses many different techniques and styles. All as adorable as she is!!!

Mermaid Lullaby My mermaid friend has such a beautiful and inspirational blog. She finds wonderful images, music, art, poetry with a whimsical and alluring appeal! Although her blog is written in Spanish, you can translate and will find that she can pull at your heartstrings. She's a wonderfully talented writer as well.

Lillys Life Lilly is another faraway soul-sister! She has a quick wit and big heart. She enjoys stirring up laughs, commotion and blogger feedback about any topic currently tickling her fancy. Her replies to readers are as funny as her posts! She has a large worldwide following of fans.

Paisley Cat Scraps I don't know Cat very well but I do know that she has a heart of gold. She designs and finds vintage style blog backgrounds and lets bloggers use them for free! If you are ready for a blog-lift and like an antiquey or whimsical edge, look her up!

Paris Atlier

Judith truly needs to write a book about Parisian Couture! She has a large following of 200 and growing strong! The material she projects over her blog is simply gorgeous. She has a vast historical knowledge written in a classy, savory style!

Art of Life; Art of Love Nikki is a mere 19 years old. Her photography is jaw dropping. Already professional and commercial in appeal, if only a hobby. I came across Nikki at Scrapbook Flair where her eye-catching digital scrapbook layouts rock! She posted once about a few I did - NO COMPARISON TO HERS! She's amazing. I love her whimsical, hip style and her taste in music. She doesn't post often but you'll enjoy her work. Check her out and look at her profile photo of herself doing the peace sign. Cool.

Whimsical Interludes
Angelique is a sweetheart! She is so quirky and fun! I really enjoy reading her how-tos because there is always something new to learn. Like me, she's been MIA - I'm thinkin' computer crash or she's turned herself into a real-life faierie. Her projects are varied like mine, so I'm pretty sure she is ADD like me! I've been missing her lots and looking for her posts. Visit her creative blog!

his is how I feel when I am with all my doggie-dogs! Now that my kitchen sparkles and the laundry is caught up, I could definitely wear this outfit!!! This image is from Paris Atlier - more whimsical than her typical couture, but beautiful nonetheless!



  1. Aww I missed this, that is entirely unexpected and oh so sweet, seriously. Loved it!!

  2. Thank you sooooo much, Juls, for your award!
    You were missing for a long time, and I was afraid I had lost my very best texan friend! Now, I see you´re back, as lovely and energetic as always.
    Now, it´s me who´s going to be missing for some time, because the academic course is finishing, and I´m really busy at work, but I´ll be back asap!
    Un abrazo muy, muy fuerte!!!


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