Blog Event: Blog Candy from a Mermaid~

I received a handmade gift from my far away friend who lives near the ocean shore of Spain! I had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of her package and wondering what surprise she had planned and made for me. We both worried about our gifts crossing over the big pond and reaching the safety of shore. Our Mermaid Fairy must have been watching over our treasures because they arrived pristine!

She decoupaged a hatbox with an ocean motif of texture, glass beads and fish. Adorable! Inside was wonderfully lavish scents of Sea Shore and herbs, a sweetly scented candle, pretty shells, lemon drops, incense, and CD with classical songs! I once told her that sometimes I'll pull her blog up just to listen to her Playlist of music while I work or craft. So, she selected some beautiful arrangements for me to enjoy! I plan to bask in my bathtub and pretend to be a magical mermaid with the candles and incense burning!

The poem she wrote says:

From the Depths of the Sea,
Searching in Caves,
A Mermaid has Rescued

a Treasure of Pleasures . . .
If You Look,


Taste and Smell,

The Mermaid Will Reach Your Shore

And Sing a Sweet Lullaby ~

If you haven't had a chance to visit her blog, please do! It is very unique and soulful. Need to relax? Listen to the music of a Mermaid, read the poetry or enjoy the art. I love the spiritual, sensual and romantic qualities of her work and she is a highly talented writer.

Here's her link:

I love all the unique mermaid artwork she collects. Recently, she added a mermaid with her hair floating upwards - really cool!

A very fun and thoughtful surprise! It really made my day!





  1. Oooooh pretty pretty! What a nifty idea turned gorgeous!

    Speaking of nifty ideas turned gorgeous- guess what I got in the mail today?

    Mmmhmmmmmm!!! Thank you! Thank you! A few more dozen thank you's!!! I'll get photos this weekend and have them up in my blog first thing next week. I hope I can do the beads justice. Did you make those yourself too? *isn't sure if you do that sort of work or not* And of coarse I love the wings! Hehe I'll save some of the gushing for my blog entry.

    Thank you very much, Juls. I really treasure the newest pair of sparkles to enter my home. Even my husband commented on their beauty- woo!

    love and hugs,


  2. What a beautiful gift! Looks like she really outdid herself. Her blog, I agree, is a great place to go and unwind for awhile.

    Peace and Luv,

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  4. Mermaid Lullaby4/06/2009 03:13:00 AM

    Thank you sooo much, Juls!
    Looking at these pics is like a little miracle for me: some days ago, all these things were at the Mediterranean coast, and then, misteriously... they crossed the ocean and reached your shore! Incredible!
    Muchos besos... and enjoy!

  5. Wow! What a wonderful surprise! Fabulous! Best, Curt


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