Blog Event: Blog Candy Giveaway Update~

Thankfully, everyone received their special designed blog candy surprise in pristine fashion! I am so happy that everyone liked them!

I am the world's worst at sending things in the mail! Seriously -- So, the fact that you all have received them is a miracle in itself. And because I mail very infrequently, I thought for sure that they'd get lost or smashed to pieces! We lucked out! The postal service was kind. And fairies protected them in the air and mermaids across the sea!

Here's a photo of each kind grouped together! Each time we made one, we fell in love! It took me a little time getting used to spiraling the wire. Jamie is a pro at it.

We have the Dragonfly Journey with reds, browns and lime greens and naturally, a Dragonfly charm!

We have Mermaid Lullaby's with silvers, purples and aqua beads with an oceanic embellishment Starfish!

We have Whimsical Interludes with silvers, purples, blues, greens and crystal with a lovely Wing charm!

Jamie makes these as gifts for friends and as soon as I was tagged, I knew I wanted to do these. She graciously helped me design and hand-pick beads for each of you! I gave her VERY detailed descriptions of your Blogs!

Her favorite was the whimsical ones made for Angelique! She liked the wings and the dangly-crystal and silver wired beads. I loved all of them! I could use Jeannie's for my house and Mermaid's around the pool!

Now, I envision you all packing up a romantic picnic to share with your sweetheart near the lake, ocean or babbling brook!






  1. These are absolutely stunning! You are so very sweet. And boy is she a knockout! She is stunningly beautiful! Best, Curt

  2. I absolutely LUV mine and stare at them all the time! They are absolutely perfect and so are you!

    Peace and Luv,

  3. @Curt They did turn out great! And FUN! She is my most *gorgeousest* friend.

    {xoxo} Juls~

  4. @Jeannie I know what you mean, girl! I was staring at them all the time too. Ya'll are lucky I didn't keep them! ;)

    {xoxo} Juls~


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