Scrapbook - Young Love~

Young Love bestows it's magical force: the fluttering of butterflies, racing heartbeats and blushing smiles. When I was thumbing through photographs, I came across several photos of Jacqueline and her boyfriend, David. It rang out, YOUNG LOVE! Their faces all aglow and cheerfully touching foreheads together ...

This pair is never at a loss for *mushy kisses & baby talk*. You'd think that after 3 years of dating, the electrical energy of newly found romance would wane somewhat. Yet, I still recognize the glimmerings of young love through their glances and playful follies. Their eyes lock while they speak, their lips curl slightly in the corners of their mouths, their bodies close and touching ... soft kisses and whispers. It's enough to make me NUTS!

There are times when the surrounding audience gets a little, well, uncomfortable. Like the time we celebrated Christmas at our house with our relatively new neighbor friends. They had recently started dating and were *jostling about on the floor*, while I sat literally on the edge of the sofa, hopeful that *that* would be their last public display of affection, commonly referred to as *PDA*. I waved the PDA off as immaturity and talked to our daughter about the whole scenario privately after the evening wrapped up. Do ya think that this has waned???? Oh no. No no no no no no. I still find myself thrown into their romantic jousts regularly. And they don't do it to intentionally make anyone uncomfortable; they just flat out like each other - a lot.

No, rarely will they hold back their affection from each other! Although, Jacqueline does attempt to flee David from time to time. Like when she sees my eyes widen with motherly disdain. Then, they appear to look kind of like *Peppy Le Pew & the Little Kitty Kat* who always tries to escape his undeniably reckless and unconditional LOVE, as well as, his affectionate stream of words & unstoppable kisses. Yes, David is like that.

Yes, I've spoken to him about this.

No, he didn't listen.

I believe in PDA but not when it makes it appear that you and your target are the only ones in the room!!! lol...

I kept this layout relatively simple matting their photo with several layers. I like the outfit and jewelry that Jacqueline is wearing. She always dresses up so cute! She is our loving, special daughter ... She always has been and always will be. The paper captures the colors of her eyes and army green jacket with a subtle pop of red. I *luv* it!

Materials List~

  • K&Company, Classic K Bailey, 12x12, 2-Sided Paper Pad, #624962; (3) Paisley, Stripe, Red Dot
  • Tim Holtz, Idea-ology, Grungeboard, Mixed Minis, Plain, #TH92776
  • VersaColor, Ultimate Pigment Ink, Clr. 14-Scarlet
  • The Paper Studio, Spare Parts, Metallic Embellishment Asst., #289470; (4) - Floral Pewter Eyelets
  • The Paper Studio, Heart Punch
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  1. I remember being that age and doing the same thing with my high school sweetheart - who recently found me again after 30 years! He's still a huge romantic, and I'm so glad that we are friends again.

    This is a great layout, the colors are beautiful, and so is your daughter.

    Peace and Luv,

  2. @Jeannie I preferred waiting until parents were sleeping or making out behind church storage buildings!

    {xoxo} Juls~

  3. Hey Juls - Neal teaches Photoshop in one of his web design classes. I will ask him about the "grunge" look.

    Happy Friday!


  4. @Jeannie & Neal-baby THANK YOU!

    If he's too busy, J, that's okay. I'll figure sumthin' out!

    {xoxo} Juls~

  5. I love this.

    You cracked me up with the Peppi and kitty comment.

    When I was a teen I never had the nerve to be so publicly affectionate in front of my parents. I was afraid my father would shoot the boy if I did, lol.

    Your daughter is stunning and I think your layout captured the idea perfectly.

    Have a happylistic day!



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