Scrapbook - I Hear a Birdie~

We traveled last November to Marble Falls, Texas and stayed at the Horseshoe Bay Resort for my son's high school golf tournament they participated in. He didn't start off strongly and, as I recall, landed in a sand trap on Hole 1, after teeing off. Hole 2, same thing ... only this time, I had a premonition, I swear "I heard a Birdie coming" ... Mason is highly competitive and, like me, has a hot temper. He also maintains high expectations of himself when it comes to Golf. Bad shots are not *cool* with him. Occasionally, a club gets thrown or mashed to the ground. Sometimes expletives are muttered, usually out of reach from coaches, parents or field marshall. I've tried to teach him to be a good sport and handle these situations the gentlemanly way. Golf is *The Gentleman's Sport*, after all. Like a tape recorder, I go over the rules and try to deepen his understanding that golf is a little fickle. Even the big boys, like Tiger Woods, don't make every shot. It's learning to do your best and treat the next hole as if it's a brand new game. Set aside the anger and plan. Think about the strategy of your next shot by focusing on the details of the next hole. Mason, is a bit like his Mom, his decisions are often times based on gut not fact. He'll take chances that are not necessarily to text book standards. He also has the fortune of inheriting his father's athleticism. A nice combination when fear is not an option - go with the gut.

his hole was one of those holes. As a parent, watching your child land in a sand trap on two consecutive holes is worse than tripping on a rock and landing in the rough yourself! We knew the course was not easy and those two particular shots could have been avoided but as fate would have it ... the ball ate sand. After his second drive, I had a feeling he hit sand, yet again. I just knew it. I saw the ball flying the course towards it, like a magnet to metal.
Marty wasn't so sure ... "Yeah, he hit sand." I confirmed with an uneasy confidence. We drove the golf cart down the side of the fairway and there it was, as I had speculated, in the sand trap bunker. Something came over me as we waited for Mason. I looked at the pin and back to the sand trap. A palpable feeling brushed over me - I *believed* the ball was going to land into the cup on his next shot. It was an undeniable feeling. Strong. No question. I didn't say much to Mason, as I saw the disappointment in his face turn into determination. I kept quiet. I watched him. The wheels in his mind focusing on the pin, the ball, his club ... judging the distance ... I maintained the feeling that he was going to make this incredible shot. Marty was coming unglued. Me, being a new Golf Mom, I chanted, "It'll be alright ... He'll do fine." Marty took golf more seriously than I did at that time, now, a few months and tournys later, it's a different story. I get the sport. We sat in the cart. My adrenaline rushing, my heart beating strongly, I wanted more than anything for him to make it but I still *felt* the whirring of my mind, it's intuition, I knew. I pulled out my camera pausing to focus on him. The club sweeps downward popping up the ball. My camera turns towards the cup and while taking photos, the ball sweetly rolls into the cup! I captured it!

Then, I captured the wonderful smile and pride that swept across Mason's face, just like his bangs do sometimes. And nothing could have made me happier at that moment than seeing his happiness and watching his confidence grow. He reached down to pluck it from the cup and instantaneously grinned at me. This time, he was happy I had my camera.

The thing is, he did this TWICE during this tournament, chipping from the sand and into the cup. Awesome, memorable moments ... oh, and don't get me wrong, he still threw his club a few times too ... THAT'S GOLF FOR YA! A little intuition, a little luck and a little birdie or two helps!~

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend! Please don't be shy and leave me a comment to let me know what you are up to! I enjoy hearing from everyone!!!




  1. Juls, I really like your scrapbook page of the golf tournament. It makes me want to start into scrapbooking! funny, years ago I was very much into keeping a scrapbook, but some how got away from it. seeing your lovely page got my creative juices going again. Have a good Monday.

  2. Oh I missed you as I wasn't blogging for a week or so. I need to catch up.

    I don't really 'get' golf but it is such a popular game. I need to go out on the course with you. Do you play too? I am going to be watching Mason's career, who knows where he may end up. I love the photo of him - a handsome boy he is too. Sounds like you could be coaching him.

    Actually it reminds me of my daughter. Her Dad got some golf clubs cut down for her when she was a little girl and she used to put them on the back of her pink bike and ride to the park and hit balls. He was convinced she would be a champion golfer. She turned to basketball instead.

    By the way thanks for your wonderful comment on my latest post. You always have interesting comments and something wise and inspirational to say. I appreciate it.

  3. @ThePinkBirdHouse Good Morning, Debbie! I feel the same way when I look at all the beautiful projects people are working on. I wind up spending more time *researching* ideas than doing them sometimes! And there are a lot of talented women who are truly into the details of scrapbooking. I tend to lean a bit more simple and pick pretty papers to do the work for me! {xoxo} Juls~

  4. @Lilly Oh Lilly! Now that would be the *perfect* scrapbook photo of your daughter with her pink bicycle and golf clubs racked on the back of it!

    As you know, I enjoy reading your posts and always look forward to them! I got behind last week too and have more to share this week.

    Mason is doing well in golf. This weekend's tourny was not his best effort and he was frustrated. He went to see his golf coach and straightened out a few things with his swing. He really loves it and that's what counts. I thought soccer was an adrenaline rush, but golf is truly shot by shot drama! It took me a little time to understand it and I'm still learning. I also am happy that it's something he and Marty can share together.

    Yes, I bought clubs last Summer in an effort to keep up with them. It's still a Boys Club in our family! ha! I have been pursuing it slowly and think it will be a nice sport to retire to from soccer and tennis. {I think.}

    Mason is a good lookin' kid! Chip of the ol' block! Thank you, girl.

    {xoxo} Juls~

  5. Oh Juls...There is nothing sweeter than to see our children succeed...and you captured it on film, to boot!! Many continued blessings to you AND your son!!

  6. {{{ Carol }}}

    Thank you and I whole-heartedly agree! My children are my joy! {xoxo} Juls~

  7. Wonderful reading here, and I love that page you made! My kids are my pride and joy, and I love every moment I have with the. Miss my Shelbie though, being that she's in college in Vermont.
    Used to go to Marble Falls to camp as a kid...lots of fun memories there! ;)

  8. @Nancy Yes ... Vermont is such a long way from Texas! I can understand you missing her so much. I don't know what I'd do, if Jacq went to an out of state college. For us, she is close by at TWU.

    Our youngest daughter, Jessica, is living at home and attending a NCTC, a junior college right now. When they are away, the house gets a bit to quiet for me.

    {xoxo} Juls~


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