Digiscrap - Golf Team Player Profile~

I've been spending hours online viewing Photoshop tutorials. Finally, I am picking up on layers and masks! It took a few nights burning the midnight oil and I am paying for it today! So, here's the first layout. Since I'm going to be focusing on this for the next month or so, I thought I'd share my digital layouts on the blog instead of my paper layouts & projects! It looks a little more commercial than homespun or vintage but as Forrest Gump always sez: "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are gonna get..."

This layout will be used for each of the players teeing off.

If you all have any cool presentation ideas, please drop me a line! I really liked how this turned out! It looks like one of those Sports Photography layouts companies sell to us!


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  1. It looks GREAT Juls!! Photoshop is not easy to learn, in my opinion. I only know very, very little, just enough to get the pics of my cards posted on my blog.

    I hope you had a good day - take care!

    Peace and Luv,

  2. Good on you , well done. I have often thought about learning Photoshop too. Great skills to have. I think this looks great. Have a great weekend. And Happy Designing - you are creative and clever you will do some great things.....er then you can show me how to do it. I havent forgotten aobut the icing roses. It's hard to explain in writing but I am hoping to find a link I can send to you. My daughter and I made cupcakes for a hens night - it was so much fun!

  3. @Jeannie Photoshop is wicked! @#$@!*$&@!#(*$& It's taken me really about two weeks off and on to get to the point that I can do some basics! Even the basics are challenging because the smallest thing can take me an hour to wrap up! I do love playing on the computer though - it's fun! I still kind of like paper scrapbooking vs. digital. But I can see how people get interested in digital quickly. One woman said that her office stays neat and clean! The other thing is memory. It looks like a lot of ladies bigtime into host their files on the internet.

    Another late niter watching Twilight! I am so sleepy!



  4. @Lilly If you decide to pursue it, the online tutorials are great. Each time I build my knowledge a little at a time. At first, it is very overwhelming!

    What is hens night?!?!? That has to be an Australian thing!

    {xoxo} Juls~

  5. That looks really nice, Juls. Very professional looking and just as you said, it looks identical to something that would be offered in a photography package of some sort.

    Keep up the great work and get some sleep!



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