Digiscrap - Horseshoe Bay~

This layout took the entire day -- sorting through photos, cropping, editing color, and resizing. The golfer looking argyle pattern's colors are perfect for the school but it was a bit distorted because I had to stretch it. A worn paper overlay on top of it makes it look very cool and now I kinda like the off-ish look of the argyle! I love this photo I got of the coaches up high on a cliff wacthcing the golfers come in. It's actually better not cropped but for the layout I had to size it down. I'll show the full size photo in the presentation.

Off to watch Twilight with Jacqueline! I watched it a few nights ago by myself but it was really good so I'm gonna watch it again.

Do you all think I need to put another mat behind or should I leave this simple???





  1. I think it looks great but maybe something darker behind it to balance it all out. Then again, I am not an expert at these things. You are very clever JULS seem slike you are good at all things creative. Twilight? I have heard all about it but haven't got into it or read the books. Am I missing something?

  2. @Lilly I'll add a dark layer behind it. Thx, Lils. Twilight is an easy read -- more like a teenage love story vs. vampire story. The characters are cute and I'm getting ready to start the 3rd book. Definitely a *chick flick* and I enjoyed it!


  3. I just rented Twilight too! I need help understanding the end tho....but I liked it!

    Your layout looks great just the way it is - perfect!

    Peace and Luv,

  4. Love your LO and I can see why it took all day hun - there is so much detail in it...wish I could make proper LO's but I always end up with the same old design LOL....thanks ever so much for visiting my blog and leaving that lovely kind comment ... made my day! I have just finished the book Twilight...oh, I just adored it and am on to the 2nd one now....but the DVD isn't out in the UK til Monday, I will have to patient!!! Thanks again and have a great day....hels x

  5. The layout is wonderful, and the photos are really excellent. I love the ones you picked. Great job! Best, Curt


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