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~Blog Candy Design & Delivery!~

Jamie & I were very busy little bees last nite! She offered to help me make Blog Candy gifts for you lucky ladies that commented on my Blog. Last summer, she made this very cool, kinda hip *item* that I thought would be great for Papier Creatif's Blog Candy Event. I just know you all are going to *LUV* it, *LUV* it, *LUV* it!!!

Me & My Gorgeous Friend, Jamie

She is one of my dearest, best of best friends. Do you see how she's smiling in the photo? That's Jamie for you - eternal GRIN! When we went shopping yesterday, she had at least 1,000 strangers (people) smile at her. I said, "Have you ever noticed that you are a people person?" And she said, "Noo0ooo...", as if she was in disbelief! I said, "You had the ENTIRE store of Target all smiling at you! Every isle we walked down, someone would look up & smile!" lol ... She said, "That's because I smile at them!" I said, "Like this?!" And I imitated her wide grin and she laughed at me.

If we are working together or sorting out life's trials & tribulations, we are giggling through most of it. She has a great sense of humor and warm heart. Anything she does in life, it's ALL OUT! We are similar in that we both enjoy interior design, crafting & discussing our DrAmA mOmEnTs. We see eye-to-eye on everything & have a solid understanding of each other. {That means, it's always the other person(s) fault! And YES, we are ALWAYS right!} She is also very analytical -- so there MUST be a reason for everything she does or that you do. Or, if there is a problem with something we're working on, Jamie will solve it or vice versa, I will. It's funny how the things I can figure out, she's like, "oh!" & I am exactly the same way with her, except I say, "figures ..." & smile at her because she's right & it's usually so obvious! Jamie has both sides of the brain going on.

At one point last nite, I tossed the "secret item" at her and said, "Here Jamie! YOU DO IT! You're faster & better at it than me!" I secretly wanted to sip my wine. She knew it.

This is a picture of her admiring our HAND-MADE-IN-TEXAS MYSTERY CRAFT SURPRISE!!!

I was going to show you all an element of this mystery craft but decided to keep it TOTALLY secret, so we don't spoil it for you! Can you tell that while she is looking at it, she's thinking "This is sooo darling! I want it!"

Okay, my photo above, I added the Doris Day veil. Since I'm 40ish, I feel that this is completely acceptable & fair! I may not be able to afford plastic surgery but I can afford a photo enhancing computer program to make me look as young as possible. So, what's the diff? Remember how they'd always put the soft lens while shooting Doris Day on her television series? That was MANY years ago, technology has advanced & I'm taking advantage of it! Plus, this is my blog, so I'm the director & have creative freedom. :D

Hope you all had a great weekend! Please do not be shy & leave me a comment to let me know how you are doing. I enjoy hearing from ALL of you!




  1. Oh you both look gorgeous. Now why was I imagining you as a brunette?Yes, I use black and white photography because it hides a multitude of sins! I have a pic of my daughter and I in Thailand last November on my blog today! And never think about surgery its disgusting! It always looks like somoen just has had plastic surgery! I love your hair. I am going to the hairdressers tomorrow and going for a shorter do - I am too old to have as long hair as I do now. You might have inpsired me to copy you. Looks like you had fun shopping. I so want to get into far more creative pursuits myself. Your boxes you did really inspired me to try something like that! I am sure people will love your Candy Event surprises!!!

  2. @Lilly This is the Jennifer Aniston look when she was on the TV sitcom "Friends". My profile photo is from a Christmas picture that I thought was kind cute of me & I posterized it for effect. So, my hair looks darker - which it probably was there, although I've been highlighting forever! This week, I went California BLONDE! She did my regular highlight, but then in between the foils went with a slightly darker blonde to give it more dimension.

    Thank you for the compliment! We did have a blast that nite. We always have fun and the vino flows while were talking or bizzy with whatever we've decided to get into. Jamie is very beautiful - inside and out! And she is a great friend for teaching me how to do *this*! Hope they like it!

  3. Awesome picture of you two!!! I so happy that you have such a good friend close by to share all that life has to offer together!

    Peace and Luv,

  4. @Jeannie Friends are the best, Jeannie! I have a small hand full that are an enormously important part of my life. Okay, I gotta go check out yer Blog!

  5. Hey Juls! Just wanted to let you know that I put your set of notecards in the mail today - hope you like them!

    Peace and Luv,

  6. @Jeannie Groovio! I'm waiting for one more addy so I can mail everyone's out at the same time BUT I may go ahead and mail out tomorrow anyway.

    {Hugzzz Dragonfly Queenie!}

  7. JULS, what a great post, so open and honest and funny! Hey, keep that sense of humor in your life, it helps keep us young!! And people who smile alot are said to live longer. I like that. And if I get wrinkles around my eyes from smiling too much, that is okay too, cuz at least I went thru life with a smile on my face and I am proud of those laugh lines I now wear. :-) I just loved hearing about your friend's effect on people. I have a good friend like that too, she just seems to know people where ever she goes, and even when they don't know her, suddenly they are talking to her, or smiling at her, or reacting to her in some way. It always baffled me, how she did it. But I think some people are just born with the knack! How lucky they are.

    BTW, as much as I am fighting the inactivity and not being able to hold up my own part here in the family after this knee surgery, I am enjoying this "me time". I could get used to thinking of no one but myself after this!! It has its good sides too though, I find that since I can not move around as much, the kids are enjoying sitting with me and telling me all their stories, and I have had a great time sharing that with them. And, I take more time to help with their homework, which made me realize that I was not doing enough of that before. It has all been a real eye opener for me. So, all things do have their sunny side too. Have a good day, Debby

  8. Hola, amiga!!!
    I need your mail address to send my gift to you. Soon, I will tell you to go to the seashore to get it...

  9. @Mermaid Lullaby Hi Girl! I've missed everyone the last few days traveling with Mason for his golf tourny! I will email you my address ... a sail boat would be a great gift from a mermaid! ;)

  10. Hola, Juls!
    First of all a little correction: If you want to say "Hi!" in Spanish, you must write it with an "H" (Hola). The word "ola" is also correct, but it means "wave".
    You know, I´m a teacher, and I can´t avoid making corrections all the time. Awful!!!
    And now, good news: This morning, I went to the post office and sent my gift to you. They told me, it will be there by the end of this week or the beginning of next.
    I hope, it arrives safely!
    Yours hasn´t arrived yet. I´ll tell you as soon as it´s here.
    Un abrazo.

  11. What pretty ladies with such beautiful hair!! Now what's that you guys had such fun on, hmmmm?

    Migraines and uncooperative isp's have kept me away. But now I'm back, so the world needs to watch out! Mwah! Ha! Ha!

    I was trying to find an email in my box, but it's so full of junk I think I've somehow skipped over it. Could you email me your email address and I'll get that addy to you.

    I'm so excited! *squeaks*


    sparkofwhimsy at gmail dot com


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