InSights: Reboot~

Still trying to finish up these little beauties as promised, but I am not done. THIS is WHY.

1st Reason - I ran out of gold leaf.

2nd Reason - I needed to *REBOOT*.

3rd Reason - As Follows.

Yesterday twirled by so fast and left little time for crafting. I spent 1 hour on the tele with my cell carrier - for nothing, that's right, I accomplished nothing with them. I must have requested my detailed account info like a billion times. This is me, "So, again, here's the question, what exactly were the billable charges on my account?" She responds in a choppy, Eastern accent, "One moment, sir, let me check. May I put you on hold?" Me: "I'd really appreciate it, if you wouldn't call me "sir". That's very rude." {I had lost my patience 20 minutes previous.} Eastern woman gets attitude with me, "Okaaaay! MRS-EZ. JUUUUULIE! . I am sorry for the inconvenience." Me: "No, it's not inconvenient that you called me, uhm, "sir" ... that's "rude", putting me on hold and not directly answering my question is inconvenient." See ... this convo happened BEFORE I got my hair cut & highlighted. Not a good situation for her. You know when your hair is lookin' reeeally badly and it starts reflecting *hey-I-have-ugly-hair* in your attitude??? And it's 10:30 a.m., I'm still in my robe, unbathed, and my frustration has peaked after asking this question, being placed on hold and getting back dialogue from her that is totally, completely, and undeniably unrelated to the original question. So, THIS time (there must have been a half dozen other times that she put me on hold} when she puts me on hold, *I think* she increased the level, or should I say INTENSITY, of music by about 10,000 decibels! I had to hold the phone away from my ear! To make use of time, I am holding the phone away like this and decide to run a load of laundry, of which I have about 6 loads piled up like a mountain, can barely get the door open, have to balance myself to pour in detergent, cussing and hoping that they are recording my response to their "service"! "Dammit! This. Is. RIDICULOUS! I am sending a letter to the CEO!" The phone call was majorly getting into my bath time. I had made a commitment to shave my legs, as well as do a loofa body scrub. I was gettin' miffed! Yea. That's a nice way to say it. And I didn't want to be late or miss my hair appointment! Had I missed it, imagine how I would be today!? It would have been B A D, VERY B A D. Unfortunately for me, the billing was correct. How I *so* wanted them to be wrong! I hung up a little defeated. I like being right. Oh well, I got a load of laundry done. You have to look at the bright side of things!

Today, I had my nail appointment and decided to sluff off the winter bags under my eyes and chin. Yes, my chin. It's beginning to look like my mother's. Sorry, mom -- you know that you hate yours too and wear lots of turtlenecks. But I live in Texas and turtlenecks are good for less than 14 days out of the year. It was definitely time to *REBOOT*, as my hubby terms it. Only for me it takes longer than a computer. It takes TWO PHREAKIN' DAYS! Once he quizically said, as if I do this 4 times a month, "How often do YOU NEED to REBOOT?" I had to laugh.

After each beauty session, I come home with my spirits increasing little by little. I'll walk in, spin around for whoever is in the room, strech my arms out and say, "How Do I Look?" in a musical, uplifting tone EXACTLY like that cable show hosted by sweet, Finola Hughes. They are generally unimpressed and I get an eye roll. She takes drab looking women who lack any fashion sense, have never used makeup or a makeup artist, who ALWAYS look MUCH MORE DRAB than me & that's why I watch it, and turns them into dazzling babes. I'd wait past 2 a.m. in the morning just to see the transformations! Sometimes I'd doze off and wake-up annoyed that I had missed the ending. I'd imagine that their make-overs last about a week. Then, they sluff off the look much like my skin did after my chemical peel! Hey?! At least I'm TRYIN! I haven't turned myself into a TV show yet.

Anyway, hubby is adding up the checks I've written. So, to defend my actions, I act all huffy like it's really a pain in the a** to get pampered for 2 days straight! It is SO NOT FUN to get my feet rubbed and my fingers looking like a hand model's in a magazine. And how annoying it is to have my hair shampooed & conditioned slowly while I catnap! REBOOTING is HARD WORK! And you know what? As often as I reboot, my life really doesn't change that much. Not like it SHOULD or is SUPPOSED to according to all the magazines that I look at. I check out my rear view mirror to see if I have a line of hot looking 30-something men following me in my mid-life crisis Audi convertible. Like, WHERE ARE THEY? I am doing this for *THEM*!? Come on! After all that work, it would be nice if at least one stranger would walk up to me and say, "Hey? ... Yea you, baby... You look hot." LOL! And I'm not talking about the kind of guy who drools over what my undergarments might look like vs. the kind of man who appreciates an attractive, passionate, articulate, professional, 40-achoo! year old woman! Oh gosh, I really need to go back to work!

Here's a photo of the way Finola makes you stand BEFORE & AFTER the makeover and you have to say to everyone in the studio, usually F&Fs, "How Do I Look?" You may have to scroll down to see her show posted. I tried to find the show's theme song because I think it's really funny!

Right now, at this moment, I'm hugging my dog, GiGi kissing her. She may have gotten prego by my puppy, Georgie. Yes, Georgie is a true lover and under 1 year old. The breeder even told me that, "His granddad still likes the girls!" in an Oklahoma accent. He's a hot-blooded American Dog. When I touch his paws, they are really, really warm! I've had quite a few dogs in my lifetime, he wins the *Hot Paws Award*, more so than men I have dated in the past. I have been struggling to keep my doggie-dogs separated, two in and two out or kenneled. Boys together; girls together. {Another reason why I probably bit the representative's head off, because Chief has been whining non-stop for 3 weeks! Ref earlier post.} So, I'm hugging her and saying, "If you are prego, GiGi, please don't try to eat your puppies like Poco did!" Seriously. That's another story. My wild-eyed Maltese got a little freaked, no, psycho, during her delivery of puppies and well, the puppy was dangling very close to her mouth that was gnawing voraciously like a clip from a horror show! I had to intervene! Like momentarily take the puppy away and let her smell the bloodied, ratish-looking creature through the cage, "Seeee Poco" {said soothingly, in a high pitched voice} this is your little baby ... not an appetizer."

We are making Tomatillo Enchiladas tonite - they were so good last month, time for more. I'm winding down and having a little glass of red wine while the chicken boils. (Tipping Glass) Here's to never having to talk to Eastern customer service companies.

Please do not be shy! I haven't been, obviously! I'd *luv* to hear from you all and you are more than welcome to share a story about your Eastern customer service dealings.




  1. Uhmmm I'm not allowed to talk to customer service any longer, lol. Dish network's India team can be thanked for that. But that's ok, because I don't want to deal with them either so from now on if it's customer service time I get to hand my dh the phone, bat my pretty eyes and declare, "But you said I'm mean to them."

    I need one of your reboots. I have recently neglected coloring my shorty short hair long enough that it's back to it's natural drabby dirty blonde color. I just don't feel as spunky as I do when I have a gorgeous color job. I think I'll take care of that next week.

    Enjoy your post-"spa" days!


  2. @WhimsicalInterludes Angelique! Too funny! "But you said I'm mean to them." I got a good chuckle out of that. I agree. This isn't the 1st time that my frustration has made me go nuts during non-PMS phases. And I really, really love listening to people's accents from all over the country to across the world. But when they understand and DO NOT LISTEN, it drives me insane. I swear in this particular instance, she was doing it on purpose and I wound up talking to her "supervisor" who did the same EXACT thing. Ask a question, not get an answer. And they say stuff like, "Now, Mrs. Julie, you HAVE to PAY." And I had already paid, owing a small $12 balance because their automated payment system is highly disorganized, like their customer service! They said this over and over. I'd be like, "Yes, I realize there is a balance. The purpose of my call is to see what the detailed charges are that make up that balance because I think I've been OVERCHARGED." I hadn't been ... dammit.

    There is nothin' like a good hair day to boost your spirits! Or a customer service rep who really cares about their job and you. There are some VERY GOOD ones out there. Excellent actually.

    I need to get over to Hobby Lobby. Have an awesome weekend!


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