Scrapbook - Snuggly Buggly~

Thumbing through old photographs with Jacqueline, this cutesy little shot turned up of the kids. They are stacked up like a short order of pancakes with lots of syrup! Jessi can look like the milkman's child with that blonde hair & round face. But here is proof in the pudding, you can tell from their expressions that they are all made from the same cookie cutter, as my mother-in-law once sweetly said! Heck, looking at this picture, they could be TRIPLETS! Piling into our bed one weekend morning, I raced to get the camera & ordered, "Stay there! I have to get a picture of you all!" Thankfully, they cooperated & what a beautiful photo of sibling comfort & love. *SNUGGLY BUGGLY* ... a term I generally use for GiGi but here, they look as sweet as pups! Once our kids started toddling around, I nicknamed them:

*Pumpkin Pie* ~ aka Jacqueline & Jacq ~ Her name is pronounced Jack-wa-lynn NOT Jack-a-lynn! AND she does not answer to anyone referring to her as Jackie; she is *Jacq*. I was big-time pregnant with Jacqueline around Halloween & delivered her shortly before Thanksgiving. Pumpkin Pie is my favorite dessert. So I dubbed her, *Pumpkin Pie*. She is still sweet as ever & so naturally, I still call her that. Her 1st Christmas, we traveled to Tulsa to visit my parents! They were elated! That year, Tulsa had an ice storm & the power went out. Jacq slept between Marty & I to keep her warm & toasty! Good Memories ...

*Buttercup* ~ aka Jessica & Jessi ~ Jessica was born in the Springtime. Texas is known for it's Bluebonnets & Pink Buttercups that grow wild along the highways. She was a white-headed blondey-girl with big, blue eyes, snow white skin, pink cheeks & Kewpie-doll face, as delicate as a flower. So, I called her *My Little Buttercup*. She loved watching me plant flowers in our front yard in the Spring. When she was little, she'd pick wild flowers & roses in our yard and happily bring them to me. She'd also shower me with lots of hugs ... "Mommyyy!"

*Nugget* ~ aka Mason & Mas ~ I've never seen my husband prouder than when he found out we were having a B-O-Y!!! Seriously, never. We chose not to do sonograms for the 1st two, so we could be surprised. We were very curious with number 3 on the way & opted to *know*. The flag was flying that day. When I walked out of the doctor's office into the waiting room, Mart was acting all cocky, strutting around like a STUD. I've always gleefully exclaimed to Mason since he was a toddler, "You're my little Nugget!" Meaning, he's a chip off the ol' block!

These nicknames have endured over the years & our love for each one of them continues to grow. They are all amazing kids. Smart, helpful & talented. I kept this layout simple - the paper is so pretty! I got the lettering idea from the local McDonald's drive-thru menu. If you look at advertising closely, there are all kinds of cool layout ideas for scrapbooking. I love the jewelry clasp with the ribbon! Very pretty & kinda looks like an *S* for Snuggly. When I saw the 3 of them looking so sweet & innocent in this picture, I immediately thought of their nicknames. So, I added that to the theme. This is making me want to go back & do some of their baby photos. Mason tells me he was about 12 years old in this photo, "That's when I played for ASG, Mom!" He's now 16. How time flies... And even though they are not all out of the house yet, I've been starting to think of Grandchildren! Is this NORMAL? Especially since none of my kids are married!?!?!?!!!!

I need to join a YOGA class to make me take my mind off of becoming a Grandma! Where is my inner Diva?!

????? hello? ... hello? ... hello? ... {echo}

The lettering is from Tim Holtz grunge board. I used two colors of tempera metallic paints: silver (let dry) w/ touches of gold (almost dry). Then, using a blue jean colored pigment ink pad, pressed very small areas of the lettering & blended in. I left areas free of blue to add some depth & interest to the lettering. The gold tone softened the blue, which matches up nicely with the paper. For the name tags, I used the small alphabet. First, stamping in bamboo green to get a background highlight, then with the blue jean pigment. This also softened the tone of the bright blue jean color. Kinda fun.

Please don't be shy & leave me a comment! I love to hear from you all & know what you've been up to. And point me to the direction of your blog & I'll stop by!


Materials List~
  • K&Company, Amy Butler Designer Paper, Sola, 12x12, #626270
  • K&Company, Adhesive Chipboard Embellishments, Ancestory Flowers & Shapes, #566361; (6 pcs flowers)
  • K&Company, Adhesive Chipboard Embellishments, Blue Awning Words & Swirls, #566842; (1 swirl)
  • The Robert Stanley Collection, Sheer Wire Ribbon, 7/8", Clr. Antique Blue
  • Crafts Etc., The Jewelry Shoppe Finders, Double Swirl Wire, #298265L; (1)
  • The Paper Studio, Spare Parts, Metallic Embellishment Asst, #289470, Clr. Silver; (3) Mini-brads
  • Tim Holtz, idea-ology, Grungeboard, mixed minis, plain, #TH92776; "Snuggly Buggly"
  • Sargent Art, Tempera Paints, Liquid Metal, #66-5411; Clr. Silver & Gold
  • JoAnn ScrapEssentials, Neutral Metal Rim Tags, #7125461; (3)
  • Hero Arts, alphabet, Playful Lowercase, #LL764
  • VersaColor, Ultimate Pigment Ink, #69 Bamboo, #VC-69
  • Blue Jean Pigment Ink {no stk info}



  1. Beautiful layout and beautiful words to describe your wonderful little cherubs!!

    Peace and Luv,

  2. @Jeannie Thanks, girl! Loved your Dragonfly card today - very cool!

  3. @Veronica I really enjoyed doing this layout & thought it turned out cute & fresh!

  4. Whoooaaa, Nellie!!! Don't start wishing to be a gramma yet...will come soon enough! : ) I tell my daughter (just turned 18) she's not allowed to even THINK about making me a gramma until she's well out of college! :)
    This is a great layout for the picture, and I loved reading about your kiddos and their nicknames!

  5. @Nancy lol GF! I know, I know! I've drilled that into their heads since they were little! Jacq wants to pursue a doctorate in Kinesiology {physical therapy} & Jessi wants to be a teacher. Mason wants to be a pro-golfer {seriously, he does}. Being a bit creative, my mind always fast-forwards & dreams of the future. Time for yoga! ;) {ignoring eliptical machine in corner of bedroom}

  6. Hi, and thanks so much for dropping by my blog and leaving comment. I love it when I see someone new there! I loved your blog about your children, and them having nicknames, because it reminded me so much of my own children when they were young. As soon as they came into the world, a nickname would come to mind because of their personalities, and these names have stuck over the years too. So I have, Pumpkin', Kitten, Lamb, Sweet Puddin', and Sweetie Angel. And as for that Gramma stuff, wow, I too am not ready. My older sisters have 6 and 1 already, and they love it, but I can not yet picture myself as a Grandmothe. My older ones are in college, but I still have 2 in school, so I am looking forward to the days when hours will be called MINE! :-) Your picture is so young looking, I can hardly imagine you as a grandma. Wow, how do you do it!! I think I am turning a lovely shade of pea-green with envy at being able to look so young!! :-) I will stop back again and see what is new in your world. Have a great day. Debby

  7. Being a mother is one of the most beautiful things in life!
    I call my daughter "sirenita" (little mermaid) or "princesa de los labios de fresa" (the princess with the strawberry lips).
    Did you know you´re a very talented writer?

  8. @Debby Thx for visiting my blog! I think yours is lovely! And I thought your kids nicknames were sooo cute! I think my years of playing soccer till age 43 has helped keep me young. However, the photo of me is from a few Christmas ago. I'm happily holding some puppies on my lap! AND I posterized the photo to give it a cool look ... and make me look younger! ;) lol

  9. @Mermaid Lullaby That's a sweet nickname for your daughter - *luv* it! And thank you for complimenting my writing style. Composition was always an easy A for me. And when I worked in a corporate office, memos had to be carefully & politically written which has influenced my writing somewhat. I think it's amazing that authors can sit down to write one book over the course of years. My mind may not be able to concentrate for that long! I've also written lyrics of songs I composed on piano. So, I do a little of this & that but it would be nice to really be able to do ONE thing GREAT!

  10. What a great photo and yes they do look alike. I think its natural to think about grandchildren when you are looking at their childhood photos. I did that the other day when I was making a collage with my daughter's photos. I was very teary. Where do all the years go? This is a loely post for your children to read as well!

  11. @Lilly <-- {who I copied this from} I hope that you will share the collage of your daughter with us! I'll bet she & the collage are beautiful.

  12. I am so sorry I missed your question about crop stop. You can find it at www dot cropstop dot com
    a fun place to meet people and post your art.

  13. Juls! I'm telling you kiddo, start writing that book!!!! I'm so serious! I find myself lost in reading every word that you write. You draw such emotion with your writing. This is natural, raw tallent girly girl! You would make an AMAZING writer. Your picture of those sweeties and your layout are just jaw-drop gorgeous. Your talent seems limitless! By the way, you also have a wonderful talent of making me laugh too. I LOVED your comment on my blog about me not getting the DT spot. Your comment alone took me out of the funk I was in. I am so grateful for that. See? Another example of how your writing can work in the lives of others! OK, I'll shut up now. . . but WRITE!!!! LOL Best, Curt


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