Card - Valentine Lovely~

Monday, walking to the front door, I noticed a package on top of my antique baby grand piano. One of my children had casually piled all of our mail conveniently in that spot instead of carrying it to the kitchen. I have been neglecting mail for a few days, choosing to scrapbook & make cards instead. Now, don't you love repeating yourself to your kids? For instance, "Hey! Don't put your cups or water on ANYTHING that is wood or stone! Hey! don't put anything on top of that!! It will scratch!" "Hey!? Isn't it time for you to move out?"

Yes, Lord knows I have *those days*!

My dismay was vaporized. My eyes widened & I instantly smiled to myself. M
y *stuff* was in! My best friend, Hollie & I term our *collectibles*, *schit*. So, yea, my *schit* was in! The latest *Fabulous Find* of supplies from ArtChix Studios. Prior to scrapbooking, altered art was relatively unknown to me. Finding their website was like finding a treasure!

I love antiquey stuff. You can see this in my home & through my design work. I lean toward traditional, c
lassic, & antiquey. I don't have one lightweight piece of furniture in my house. This stems from growing up with parents, who careful with their budget, purchased antique furniture, accessories & collectibles. They enjoyed going to flea markets & auctions together as date night. And whenever we'd travel to visit faraway relatives in Missouri or Michigan (1000 miles away), if we passed an antique store, my Dad would chime "Antiiiiiiiiiiiiiquuuueesssssss"!~ And my mom would get all frantic & want to stop. We typically would. I'd squirm & roll my eyes because I thought it was B-O-R-I-N-G & knew we'd be there for an hour or so. I did enjoy stopping at A&W Root Beer restaurants, however. My fav: grilled cheese, french fries & root beer! So, my parents have this eclectic mixture of stuff they've amassed from different periods. As a young girl & into my teens {and adulthood}, I'd rearrange their stuff to *make sense of it*. I was the oldest & helped handle cleaning the house. My mother was way too busy in *the art room* designing wood pieces to paint, stenciling velvet, glazing on the back of glass, or sorting through her collection of antique paper to use on her next project. She was ALWAYS in that room! She had no time *to decorate*. She did good! {Don't get me wrong, Mom!} I just saw ways to rearrange it to make it look pretty & enjoyed surprising her. Morning, noon & into the evening, burning the midnight oil, she sat squarely on her chair in *the art room* creating. She'd only stop late in the evening to watch Johnny Carson & have some desert in bed with Dad. My parents had expanded our house into the garage, which was cool, it stepped down & they installed two large bay windows. It's my favorite room of the house. They also built a separate, charming building in our back yard painted gold & brown for Mom to do her thing. She loved it! It was her little oasis of art & inspiration. Dad was also busy doing his thing. He collected antique clocks & would refurbish them in the spare bedroom room over the garage. The room I begged to have as a teenager! {Now, I have my little room over the garage... ha!} We'd have 10 clocks chiming at one time. Reading history books, trade mags. Refurbishing or working on cars with my brother, Don. {My Dad can fix anything!} Or, when CB radios were hot, he'd be monitoring the truckers or other ham operators & chit-chat through the radio waves. I named myself *Happy Jack*. And, one evening, the FCC showed up at our door to let us know that was federal violation! LOL! Funny how we've nicknamed Jacqueline, "Jacq". Cute. Anyway! You get the picture! So, that is why I am drawn to old, vintage photos!

I found a Sonnet from a book I gave Jacqueline years ago, "Sonnets From Dante to the Present". Sonnets are very soulful & often filled with longing for past love, death, nature, etc... I leafed through to try find a Valentine related sentiment. Difficult! Most of them are depressing & written by men! Get this, "The Pity of Leaves", "To Failure", "Fears that I May Cease To Be" - does that give you an idea? Had I known this, I wouldn't have given it to her! What was I thinking?! I liked the cover! It was *antiquey*!

This one is kinda cute with this & not so somber. The Sonnet is called, "Her Jewels", George Gascoigne.

"The stately dames of Rome, their pearls did wear
About their necks to beautify their name,
But she (whom I do serve) her pearls doth bear
Close in her mouth, and smiling shows the same.
No wonder then, though every word she speaks
A jewel seem in judgment of the wise,
Since that her sugared tongue the passage breaks
Between two rocks, bedecked with pearls of price.
Her hair of gold, her front of ivory
(A bloody heart within so white a breast)
Her teeth of pearl, lips ruby, crystal eye,
Needs must I honour her above the rest.
Since she is formed of non other mould
But ruby, crystal, ivory, pearl and gold."

Now, I have never been described as having good judgment or a sugared tongue! But I do have a nice strand of fake pearls!

I want to figure out a way to merge the two together: scrapbooking & altered art images into family photos. Could be kinda tough but my wheels are spinning. So, Monday was spent reminiscing about Buddy & the ASPCA. Tuesday, I worked on this card, *Valentine Lovely*. I want to do a V-Day card for each family member. I showed this to Jessi (18) & her friend, Lauren (21) & they loved it! I was a little surprised because it's vintage, but I guess it's *Vintage Cool*.

used trim samples from my interior design stuff and think it really jazzed the whole card up. Funny how I'll start out with an image or sketch & wind up with a totally different layout. A lot of the layout work involves scaling & measuring out things which can throw it all off quickly! But it worked itself out & it's wickedly cute! It reminds me of when Dad used to say, "You need a bra? How about two peanut shells & some string!" LOL! He could always figure out ways to embarrass me! Now, I do this to my children! I could have done a better job of stamping the flourish. One or two didn't seem like enuf, so I added more trying not to layer over too, too much. But, I didn't want it to look p
erfectly clean either since it's Altered Artish which can get really wild! It did add an interesting background element to the mix. This is stamped with a small sentiment, "Lifetime of Love", perfect for the holiday!

lease don't be shy & comment or point me to your blog!

Materials List~

  • American Crafts, AC Cardstock, 5x7 Cards, Clr. Lipgloss, #71350
  • ArtChix Studio, #M218, Spoil Me; (1) Vintage Woman w/ Wings
  • ArtChix Studio, #CC907D, Chixies Delight; (1) Bird Stamp
  • Craftsetc, ColorMates, Asst. Cardstock, 12x12; (1) Clr. Deep Lovely Lilac, #CLLD12U
  • Stampabilities, Vintage Flourish 04, #IR1030
  • JoAnn ScrapEssentials, Word Stamp, #30641
  • ColorBox, Pigment Stamp Pad, Clr. Treasure; (1) Clr. Bronze
  • JoAnn CraftEssentials, Vintage Keys, #25900
  • The Paper Studio, Stickabilities, Garden Butterflies Gltr Stkr, #981241
  • Trim - Olive Sage Florette Ribbon
  • Trim-Antique Gold Ribbon




  1. I love your card. How creative are you - you have a good eye for design so keep going with your thoughts.I think when an 18 years old says its good you know you have hit on somethng marketable. Its lovley you are doing a card for them too. Great idea!

    My parents sound like yours. Quality was important even they did not have a big budget to purchase these things. Sounds like you have inherited their creative flair. I love all things design as well. Look forward to your future posts.

  2. Thank you, Lilly! That's sweet of you. *Luv* your blog! Keep it up, girl!

  3. Hi there - awesome post and don't you just luv getting packages in the mail?!!! You may know of it, but if you don't - there's a magazine that I think you'd luv Check it out and let me know!

    Peace and much Luv!

  4. @ Jeannie (this is what my new friend, Lilly, does & I think it's cool, so I'm gonna copy her! It's kinda like what they do to send messages on Twitter.) Thanks, girl! Yes, it always sparks an extra boost of creativity when you get new stuff! I'll check out the alterarts website! Thx!

  5. That's just goooooorrrggeeeoooussssss! I should throw a "dahrling" in there cause it sounds better that way. Thank you for stopping by to let me know you had something up. I love, love, LOVE that. I'm going to have to check out the shop you mention too.

    I don't have anything up yet, though I did do something special for my husband. I don't want to put it up yet though cause sometimes him and the guys look at my site on their lunchbreak. Isn't that sweet? Makes me feel special, lol. Anyway.. instead of making him a card this year..I've made a "sleeve" to hold a love letter in that I am going to write on paper I've aged. It has the words "moments with you" on it and I am going to write of some of my favorite moments I've had with him over the years, making sure the back of the paper I write on is aged enough to look exquisite upon a shelf in presentation. I'm excited about it. I want to put it up now, lol.

    I love reading your blog with your stories. Your parents sound amazing. Keep up the great work!

  6. @SparkofWhimsy Thx, girl! I really love that one too. And think the idea for your hubby's Valentine is great! Can't wait to see it!

  7. Oh my gosh this is a beautiful card. WOW... fantastic. I am now a follower of your blog. I love your posts and your art.

  8. @ Veronica I am so happy that you like the card! I really enjoyed looking through your blog today & the cute Valentine's altered art. You caused me to go to Hobby Lobby & spend cash for *future projects*! Or uhm ... *Valentine's presents for the kids!* ...

  9. BeaUtiful card! I love reading your posts!

  10. @Nancy Thank you, Nancy! I should be an editor because I triple & quadruple check everything I write! And sometimes I have trouble with the Blogger editor w/ fonts & stuff >?< Read Lilly's Life above. This girl is a wonderful writer with a fresh sense of humor! I doubt she edits as much as I do ;)


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