Altered Art - ATC Glamour Puss & Mermaid Mail~

ATC = Artist Trading Card

From Wikipedia: "Artist Trading Cards (or ATCs) are miniature works of art about the same size as baseball cards[1] and thin enough to fit inside standard card-collector pockets, sleeves or sheets.[2] The ATC movement developed out of the mail art movement and has its origin in Switzerland.[3] The cards are usually traded or exchanged rather than sold.

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I heard this term in casual passing, but never thought much about it, until ATCs began popping up while cyber-surfing altered art websites & blogs. So, then, you know, I bought some *schit* & started thinking about ways to design them because they looked so fun to do! These tiny creations were made as a Valentine's Day gifts for my girls. I thought it would be a really cute idea to have the girls actually use them as contact cards. The cards can be given to their friends with their name, email & cell phone info. And, since Jessica may begin instructing cello lessons at her old high school, she could easily pass these out to potential students & their parents. They are creative & eye catching, and would hopefully spark interest!

Jessi's is *Mermaid Mail*. She came up to my office one afternoon & I asked her to pick out a picture that she liked from the collage sheet. She also chose a miniature heart she liked. And because she is a movie bug, I chose the tiny movie ticket for her layout. She's always very up to date on the latest movies & can tell you who stars in them all. Sometimes she'll go to 3 movies during the week! I think she takes after her Dad in that way, because I'll wake up in the morning & find him watching a movie instead of the morning news!

acqueline's is *Glamour Puss*! Jacqueline, Theresa & Andrea are best friends & all play soccer for TWU. When they go out, they will get decked out & you'd never know that they are tough soccer chicks. So, this is a nice diversion from the life of soccer that Jacq leads & plays up to her girly side. She is so beautiful when she gets all glammed up. I think she'll like this!

*JTA* will routinely strike the "Charlie's Angels" pose for the camera. I will try to dig up a few of the Charlie's Angel photos ... I'm pretty sure that they have a series of them going! ha! Here's one where they are *gearin up* for the shot! Too funny! And too beautiful for their own good! They were definitely living up to their Diva-ishness at the team's soccer banquet! {In photos: Theresa, Jacqueline & Andrea}

"T-DUB!!! YOU KNOW!!!"

I expect them to each score 20 goals this Spring! No pressure! ha! You all are THE BEST!

Please don't be shy & say hello! I love reading your comments & seeing what you are up to!

Materials List~

  • The Luxury Stack, Pearlized & Metallic, 12x12, #PS-005-00019; (1) Ant. Green Damask
  • American Crafts, AC Cardstock, 5x7 Cards, Clr. Lipgloss; (1) for pink ticket
  • Crafts Etc, The Paper Studio, Textured Cream Music Sheet, 8.5x11, #142950
  • Art Chix Studio, Collage Sheet, Chixies Delight, #CC907c; (1) Mermaid Mail
  • Art Chix Studio, Collage Sheet, Chixies Delight, #CC907B; (1) Mermaids Holding Hands
  • Art Chix Studio, Collage Sheet, Mini Wishes, #M162; (3) Mermaid, Ticket, Heart
  • Color Box, Pigment Stamp Pad, Clr. Treasure; (1) Silver for Edges of Pink Ticket
  • The Paper Studio, Spare-Parts, Crow/Flower Brads, #264630; (1) Flower w/ Pearl
  • The Paper Studio, Spare Parts, Metallic Embellishment Asst, #289470, Clr. Silver; (1) Eyelet
  • Ribbon, Clr. Antique Gold; (1)


  • The Luxury Stack, Pearlized & Metallic, 12x12, #PS-005-00019; (1) Ant. Green Damask
  • ColorMates, Cardstock, Asst Clrs. 12x12; (2) Light Autumn Red #CARL12U, Deep Lovely Lilac #CLLD12U
  • Art Chix Studio, Collage Sheet, Chixies Delight, #CC907A; (1) Glamour Puss
  • Stampabilities, Harlequins, #OR1026
  • Color Box, Pigment Stamp Pad, Clr. Treasure; (1) Bronze for Harlequin Stamp
  • The Paper Studio, Spare-Parts, Crow/Flower Brads, #264630; (1) Crown
  • The Paper Studio, Self-Adhesive Gemstones, Rnd 5mm-Clear, #862102; (4)
  • Ribbon, Clr. Antique Gold; (2)




  1. Your ATCs are wonderful, and I admire you for being able to do such gorgeous work on such a small space. I've tried to do them and just give up. I have to have a larger "canvas" to work on. You did an awesome job! And those girls are gorgeous! Best, Curt

  2. @Curt It took me all day long! I think I need a bigger canvas too & some Tylenol for my aching back! ;)

  3. What a great idea for the girls-they are fab!

  4. Your "Mermaid mail" would fit perfectly to me too! You know I have a great love for mermaids and for the sea in general, I adore music and also cinema.
    My three last films were "Walkyria", "Seven Pounds" and Brad Pitt´s last one (I don´t know the American name, her it´s called "El Curioso caso de Benjamin Button") I enjoyed the three of them very much! Perhaps, they´re a bit old for you, but you must think, American films are released in Spain much later than in the USA.
    Again, congratulations for your work!
    Would you mind, if I take your Mermaid Mail to decorate my blog?
    Hasta pronto!

  5. @ Chica Thx, girl! I think that their friends will get a big kick out of them!

  6. @ Mermaid Lullaby I had a feeling that you'd like this one! You can certainly use it in anyway you'd like! If I created one for you personally, it would have to be more mysterious & romantic! :) Perhaps it could open-up & play music like the new cards do! lol .. now I'm getting overly ambitious! ;) Enjoy!!

  7. Oh my I love your ATC's. Don't you just love working with them? They are my favorite thing to work on. I would love to have your join my ATC workshops at crop stop. let me know if you are interested.


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