InSights: Think On These Things~

Today was *one of those days* where I accomplished nothing that I had set out to do, but managed to add a 1/2 dozen things to the mix! That's what I get for stopping by Hobby Lobby to pick-up some vellum & a hole punch.

I could not resist this vintage looking decoupage sign with the chic font! The goldy-green tones with black & cream are perfect for my office. On top of the fact that crowns are really *haute* right now! And I *luv* the spirit of this wooden plaque which provides a gentle reminder to brush up on a few ideals in the Virtues Department! However, I'm glad I'm not perfect, it's just not as fun.

Here is a photo of my dogs in classic form! Chief is looking at me & begging for my attention {he's a huge baby}. Georgie is going gang-busters crazy with a toy & encouraging Poco to play with him. Poco is tolerating Georgie and she'll wrestle around with him for hours at a time. They are the two most spirited. If you look closely, GiGi is in the lower left corner waiting for her chance to steal the toy away without getting scathed. She's my timid, sneaky little one. I call her my *Snuggly-Buggly* because every night she'll curl up next to me & put her head on my shoulder.

If I had to classify which dog was which word, I'd say:

  • Georgie=Noble
  • Chief=Right
  • Poco=Pure
  • Gigi=Lovely
Georgie was originally named Sierra King. He is small but powerfully built. He is actually a bit on the large side for a Papillon but he has gorgeous markings & is quick to learn. Chief is my loyal boy. He always sits next to me on my left side. He thinks he's boss & he's in charge but he's not. Poco is. Poco is the referee of the bunch. If there is any wrong-doing occurring, she'll step her little paws in & snap at the dog out of line. She should be a judge. GiGi is dainty, sweet & pretty. Need I say more.

Note colors of my rug with pretty sign ... Some things are just meant to be.




  1. LOVE the pic of your sweet babies!!! And I so love how you talk about them. You know them inside and out as I do mine. I can tell we are kindred spirits when it comes to our furry children! LOL I think your sign is fabulous! What a wonderful passage! Best, Curt

  2. @Curt Thanks, charming! They are my sweetzies for sure. And when I'm up in my office, they'll dig under the fence to come up here with me instead of enjoying the gorgeous weather! S-P-O-I-L-E-D!


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