InSights: Sharing is Caring~

I am getting ready to run out but *had* to quickly post these photos that came from the ASPCA today. Look how adorable this is -- two creatures, one that's a little lower in rank on the feline food pyramid! It was noted that the cat used to be afraid of the little guy and would sit and watch him stuff his face with cat food. Now ... they share.

This smart bird is using his buddy as a perch! Look how ecstatic they are! If only LOVE were so easy ...

This kitty knows how to keep warm in the winter and makes an excellent head rest for big guy there.

Okay! Off to shop for craft stuff!~




  1. I luv all animals, and these pics are so very cute! Thanks for spreading a little bit of animal luv all around!

    I don't have any stories off the top of my head I can tell you right now about customer service phone conversations, oh have I been there and done that tho! DON'T get me started about the HOA for our townhome!!!!!!!!

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

    Peace and Luv,

  2. oh my gosh, what adorable pictures. My favorite is the dog and his little "kitty pillow". Kinda reminds me of when my childhood pets, Kippy and Mittens, a dog and cat team that we so attuned to each other, that when Mittens the cat had kittens, Kippy would hop into the box to baby sit with the kittens when ever mommy cat went for something to eat. It was so cute! thanks for sharing such precious photos with us and giving us something to smile about this weekend! Debby

  3. @Jeannie I like the bird photo but I'm not sure what kind of animal is being sat on!? A hedge hog??

  4. @The Pink Bird House Hi Debby! What a sweet memory that is. Pets are the absolute greatest!

  5. This is perfect after my post about "Pelusa"! These pics are really lovely!

  6. OMG those photos are cute, particularly the last one - although I hope the cat is being squashed!

  7. @Lilly Yes, too bad the world isn't more like this, my Aussie friend! eh? And I'm sure you meant that you hoped the kitty wasn't bein' squashed! lol ... You must type fast!

  8. Sweet pics-I cant get enough of this kind of thing! we shall have to see pics of Gigi and the girls next (complete with new hair do)!Sue x


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